Young talent time: Souths sign two more teen stars to NRL deals

Thanks for posting this.

I usually look at the Teams section on the site.

It lists forwards and backs that are in top 30 odd players and does not have Sam listed there.

If he leaves the shonkos he’ll sign with rorters is my gut feeling

I worry about your comprehension if that’s what you took from my posts Champion.

I comprehend fine pal, it’s you that is happy with at “least” one premiership in the next ten years. Mediocrity seems to be ok with you but not with me, pal.

“Mediocrity seems to be ok with you but not with me”

The quality of your posts would suggest otherwise.

Thanks to @Clive & @BunnyMagic Young talent time: Souths sign two more teen stars to NRL deals

Davvy Moale, Luca Ace-Nasteski, & Terrell Kalo Kalo are all in the 2021 SG Ball Squad

Could not find Emmanuel Di Bartolo

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Pretty sure Di Bartolo has gone to Manly if I am correct.

Davvy is a very good plater as is Kalo Kalo.


Seems Emmanuel Di Bartolo played for us in SG Ball in February.

Could not find anything else or any mention of Manly.

I wasn’t following Junior Reps so maybe @Siv can help??

His Dad makes some decent wine, the Noble 1 botrytis semillon is a cracker.


I dont know the system underlying it all but Im pretty sure I tend to check the players page, especially the lower grades, more than most.

At least I used to. Its gone to shit once it started relying on this centralised system or whatever it is. Reliability has plummeted.

Real shame for those trying to keep an eye an ANY grades signings but particularly the lower ones.

Both of these kids are on our Development Players Contract List.


Played 4 games off the bench

Every game he played and selected are also listed in the 2020 year page. Just click on the SG Ball match scores

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Congrats to Gags on being promoted to coach

Not sure if he should have changed his name though, might be confusing

What part do you enjoy ?

The middle part & the wings, I like wings

Davvy Moale …


He’s a big lad

Forget Payne Haas, We have Davvy Moale


He’s going to be an absolute tearaway! Big motor for a big unit, in a couple of years he and Koloamatagi could be the bash brothers from the bench.


Aggressive lad to. Looks to have matured allot in size and also built since 2019. Was a big fella then but looks allot stronger and leaner now.