Why Bennett axed Allan at Broncos



Coach doubted fullback at Broncos but form at Bunnies superb

SUPERCOACH Wayne Bennett has revealed his role in Corey Allan’s axing from the Broncos and admits he doubted whether the Rabbitohs’ fullback discovery would cut it as an NRL footballer.

South Sydney’s premiership hopes appeared shot when Latrell Mitchell ripped his hamstring six weeks ago but Allan has been sensational in the No. 1 jumper during the Rabbitohs’ late-season surge.

Allan’s stunning resurgence will continue on Saturday night when he plays a key role in the Bunnies’ playmaking spine in Souths’ grand final qualifying blockbuster against minor premiers Penrith at ANZ Stadium.

The 28-game rookie is playing like an NRL superstar but, just two years ago, Allan was in limbo at the Broncos.

Bennett was not convinced the Logan Brothers junior had the work ethic to succeed in the top grade.

“Corey has been very good, really good. He has surprised me,” Bennett said ahead of Allan’s backfield duel with Penrith rival Dylan Edwards.

“Corey had been recruited by the Broncos and he got a good offer to go to South Sydney (at the end of 2018). To be honest, I didn’t think he would make it at the Broncos.

“He just wasn’t tracking in the right direction for me, but Souths saw something in him and thought he was worthwhile picking up.

“He went with my blessing, I just couldn‘t find a place for him in the Broncos team and I didn’t think he would play as he has subsequently played here at Souths.”

Ironically, it was Bennett‘s arrival at Redfern last year — after his own sacking at the Broncos — that spawned Allan’s debut in the red and green. Even then, the jury was still out on Allan.

When Titans forward Jai Arrow signed a deal with Souths last December for the 2021 season, Bennett explored offloading Allan to the Gold Coast as part of a straight swap.

Then Mitchell collapsed against Parramatta in round 16 and Allan got his big break.

The 22-year-old has been as dominant as any fullback, scoring four tries in nine games, including 16 tackle breaks, six line breaks and six try assists.

He is averaging 151m with the ball and troubling defenders with his rangy 90kg frame.

“Corey has played with confidence, I can’t give him a big enough rap,” Bennett said.

“Corey has improved with his fitness and confidence in himself. The Rabbitohs have been very good for him as a club, there’s a good group of guys here and Corey has really gelled with them.

“He has always had a good skill set but he is playing with more self-belief.”



Quite simply we wouldn’t be where we are tonight without his sublime passing out the back, allowing AJ to play where he can utilise his biggest strength.

Not too many teams have a back up fullback of this quality, and unfortunately the big money offers will come after his efforts this year.


I’ve felt in my waters for the past 4 or 5 weeks that Corey Allan’s entrance onto the big stage is gonna coincide with one of the biggest plays for a winning team in the whole Finals Series.
It hasn’t happened yet but I still feel that it IS gonna happen.

Corey Allan is gonna do something very special in this game or the next that will live forever in South Sydney folklore forever.
Corey Allan’s time has now come.


He’s a very confident young bloke. He attacks the ball with what looks like reckless abandon but comes up trumps 9 out of 10 times. His hands are as good as any player I’ve seen, backing up and looking for supports. We’ve been very fortunate that he’s grabbed his chance with both hands.

He’s got the most expansive passing game I’ve seen from a player, his hands are quick but the depth in his passing is the best in the game of any player - It’s truly one of a kind.

The try of the year featuring 20 offloads and putting Johnston in for the money try, Allan’s hands to pick up a dodgy pass then give Cody the time he needed from the depth of the pass was very very special.

Corey working on his physique will be the telltale in how far he can take his football, the skill is in the elite category.

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I agree with all of the above, but he worries me when defusing bombs. He seems to be more at home catching low trajectory kicks - some of his diving takes were spectacular!

He still has the occasional wobbles at the back and has dropped bombs in the three games, previous to the Parra game.

Cleary has the best bomb in the comp, that comes down on its point, all the good fullbacks have dropped a Cleary special. It will be interesting tonight to see how Corey handles them.

But I do feel much safer with Allan at the back than AJ.

What on earth is that first sentence!?!?!

My goodness :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Back to blocking you, i go

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The other thing with Corey is he backs up through the middle effectively.

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Honesty is golden for young football players and Bennett gives that. Corey would be over the moon with the praise from Bennett



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I think Reynolds is pretty special

And I was very impressed by Pearce’s kicking game in the first half a fortnight ago

Allen has this tendency to trust himself & come sliding in on his arse & taking bombs an inch from the deck, it’s heart in mouth stuff but he seems pretty safe & when he does miss one he gets very pissed off

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He is a centre; a CENTRE.

Allan is a good player but to me, he is the same type of player as Adam Doueihy. Probably not good enough to make our top side but very versatile and valuable as a utility player.

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