Where Damien Cook sits with Harry Grant

I’d take Harry Grant but most of the reason is because he is much younger, it doesn’t reflect the comparisons of their respective performances on Wednesday Night.

When someone like Payne Haas makes 32 metres from 6 runs you know that Queensland did some sort of job on NSW, this is a young kid with a massive motor and generally makes 150+ metres each game at Club Level and Cookie only made 60 metres from 12 runs.

The Maroons intensity and line speed was definitely up there with the Maroons in their golden era on their 8-0 series winning streak.

The only issue i have with Cookie’s game is his service from Dummy half needs some work, he is improving the timing of his runs at a rate of knots and his the improvement in Defence astounds me - His try saving tackle on Corey Oates earlier this year was a contender for Try Saver Of The Year.

If there was an NRL Draft tomorrow, I’d be confident Harry Grant would be Top 2 or 3 - He is an absolute superstar already at age 22, Cook is very good but is age 30 and doesn’t have the same window on his side.

Realistically though we can’t have the best player in every position, Cook is certainly in the top echelon of Hooker’s overall and we are lucky to have found him.


Right now Cook overall is better 9 than Grant.
Grant is still young and has alot of energy but a lot to learn in game smarts still.
Cook has proven himself at all levels
Don’t get swept up on all the media hype

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Helps having friend absorb and assist with directing the game just a little bit don’t you think.

Harry was an unknown and now will be a marked man next year.

Cook had Fittler, enough said


Going off potential I’d rather build Harry into a squad.


Grant any day he is a true hooker
Cook is a winger a made up hooker . Cook did what he does best runs and then panics on the last and then throws a stupid pass , ill be surprised if hes SOO hooker next year .


I’m taking Cook all day i don’t give a rats if a new little shiny toy comes along i’m sticking with the NSW and Aus hooker, the bloke that still has so much to offer, trains his ass off, puts his body on the line for our club week in week out, gets along with all of our boys and wants to be a Rabbitoh for the rest of his career.

The way Cook trains and takes care of himself he’ll be playing at the highest level until he is 35, not to mention he is a late bloomer so the week in week out grind of the NRL taking its toll didnt hit him as early as it could have.


I’d take a fit Isaac Luke over both of them. If Cook knew when to take a dummy half run like Isaac, Cook would be untouchable. Isaac Luke knew when to run the ball and how to catch the offside markers/find the gap in the defensive line from lazy defence. I don’t think most of us realised how good Isaac was when he was in his prime with us.

Having him as some sort of mentor for cook would be huge, but I don’t think what Isaac had is teachable… probably instinct?


Cook may be a late bloomer, but he’s one that relies heavily on his speed. He makes 40 tackles a game too, I don’t think Cookie will be playing at 35.

Id take back Mcinness before Cook ,Cook doesn’t have it when it matters.Grant would be my first option BUT there is no way Melbourne will let him go

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I disagree blokes so on top of his health and training he’s like Cronk, i think his body will hold up and he’ll be playing till his well into his 30s

Damien Cook is the best runner from dummy half I’ve ever seen, but he’s all talent.

Issac Luke was a constant threat as he brought his forwards onto the ball and chose when to run with perfection.

It’s a shame that of all our hookers we’ve brought through that got to be mentored by Bully, that Cook missed out. He would’ve benefited greatly imo.


Cook is a top class hooker. I still reckon he’d be better in the centres. He’s über fast and a great defender but he’s so 80-minute-fit he’ll stay at rake.

The blokes that typically go into their mid 30s are elite between the ears.

Cook is a fitness freak, but I don’t think he’s of that category.

Cook is a good player but very limited, credit to him trying to expand his skill set but it’s left him a confused, indecisive footy player who often stifles the team in attacking positions and only has had a handful of good games over the past two seasons. Is it that Wayne’s footy plan doesn’t bring the best out of him? Possibly but top class players adjust.

People defend his poorer games by pointing how many tackles he makes, big whoop all hookers make a bunch of tackles as they are the smallest in the pack defending the middle of the field, it’s expected and not a good excuse.

Grant shows promise and a lot of it but no point comparing yet but personally it feels Grant will seen as the better player when both players are done, but only time will tell.

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I’d stick with Cook. The difference between the 2 on Wednesday night was one came off the bench when their forward pack was absolutely dominating, was fresh and then cut NSW up the other bloke played in the middle for the entire game behind a struggling forward pack. I love both players but I think Grant plays the game way to hard for his body. Have a look at the amount of tape that bloke has all of his body and this was his first year in the NRL. Wait another year, that type of play, for someone playing NRL week in week out in the middle will leave him broken and very quickly. Great player but I think he will burn out if he doesn’t change. There’s many reasons why Smith has played so long, but the fact he never gets tackled and usually when he defends he goes at the ball rather than take knees and elbows to his body means he has been able to play longer with less injuries. Smarter footballer IMO.


Harry Grant is Cook with better decision making. Both players though rely on the platform to be laid for them in order to be effective so can be nullified the same way.

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At Post Match press conferences for dummy halves. :grin:

Isaac Luke shits all over him as a runner from dummyhalf.

I reckon Luke was the best of all time daylight second.

Cook has had a couple of good runs of form , but as per usual chokes under pressure.
His service was diabolical at times the other night.
Unless you are Cameron Smith generally hookers don’t win you premierships.
They are a vital cog no doubt, but Cook is worth about half of that 900k he is sitting on.


I agree, Cook is all X-factor. If he played the position like Bully he’d be the best player in the competition.


Cook just needs to run straight and not second guess himself all the time. He jinked instead of just trying to use his speed to explode through the defensive line the other night. blew a couple of chances for line breaks. I would be trying to move him on after next season if he can’t lead the club to glory. Highest paid player should be a solid leader and he doesn’t come close.

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