What Will Weidler Report on 100% Footy

It was reported on Channel 9 News tonight that Danny Weidler will announce something concerning Souths on 100% Footy.

What do you think this could be? What is he about to announce??

I think related to Suaalii and rumoured contract demands.

If true, I worry the young bloke has the wrong people advising him.


Suaalii going elsewhere - knowing weidler, probably to roosters

Hearing Souths have pulled the offer from Sualli. They wanted Souths to remove certain performance clauses and a five year deal. But who knows?
The way things spin, he could be in.
If it’s the earlier, then see yah. We can’t go through this every time he’s up for a deal.
You either want this gig and be reasonable about it or bye bye


Read it’s about Suali wanting a 5 year contract

The worst scenario would be Sualli going to the rorters!! But if money demands are involved, nothing would surprise me. :rage: :rage:

Not a bad ask considering he has not even played senior football.
Ok 5 X $200k a year with a performance criteria clause.
Let his hungry agent take him somewhere else if that does not suit him.

maybe that souths have offered wayne a mentor/ambassador role post 2021?
just saw that on 360

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Well if it’s Weidler we can be 100% sure it won’t be anything good.

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If he’s difficult now it could be a thorny road . Can’t help comparing him to Latrell who had to endure the wrath of Politis and his media hacks to get here. Who can forget Gould saying he should be suspended for 12 mths for having JAC to his farm. They hammered him about FB.Fittler dropped him from Origin because he wouldn’t resign with Easts. Richardson didn’t make it easy. When he finally gets here he makes them eat their words and says it feels like coming home.
Big difference.


Going through my concerns in life.What importance does Suaalii have in my life…none,is Suaalii ever going to have any importance in my life…no,do I give 2 fucks about Suaalii’s family or his management…no.
Am I going to lose any sleep worrying about anything concerning him…no.
Goodnight :sleeping:


Aaaahhh chuck you are always good for some perspective.
Love ya brother. Don’t ever change mate.

Oh and fark weedler and whatever dribble he is peddling


I’m hearing nick politis is planning to bomb Redfern oval you’ve heard it first here folks

With mosquito repellent?

If this is what they want, I hope Solly tells them to get bent.

He might be a superstar in the making, but he’s still a kid, and he’s done nothing. He could blow out a knee, or simply not make the step up despite everyone believing he can.

A five year deal should come with extra performance clauses. If you think you’ll perform, then why do you need them out?


I think a 3 year deal is very fair. 5 years is to much for a young kid regardless of how good he is.

Is it just me or are the words “weidler” and “100% footy” used in the same sentence basically the same as an oxymoron?

“weedler and minus 100% footy” i can buy into. Otherwise…nope.


Suaali wants a “get out” clause in his 2nd,3rd, 4th year of his contract. No club will accept that.
This kid is being wrongly advised and it’s to his detriment

He wants get out clause every year for 5 years apparently. BUT he apparently was able to get out of his 2021 contract on August 31 of this year but didn’t take it so he obviously wants to be at Redfern.

So take a short term deal and be done with it