What was your first concert you went to?

Here is the Rockwiz other question that Julia used to ask the contestents.

Personally, this is a bit of a tricky question for me. A neighbor just two houses up from me whose older brother used to play in a band that usually did the opening gigs at the Dandaloo Hotel on the north side of Dapto. We were only about 8-9 at the time, and we usually went with him, as his parents used to race their greyhounds, and he had to baby-sit his younger brother (my friend). So he used to take him and me along to the show. At times we used to hang around to watch the main act if it was “safe” to. So we got to see the Hoodoo Gurus, Mental As Anything and other great pub bands. However, we weren’t allowed to stay for The Angels.:frowning:

So who was first main act I cannot say other then the opening band.

However a couple years later, the local Blue Light Disco decided to hold an open aired concert for the over 16’s where it was drug and alcohol free at Dapto Showground. The trouble was, I was only about 12 at the time. But as I always looked older then I was, I was able to enter via the main gate and was never asked for any ID. My mates had to jump the fence where a church backed onto the showground and snuck up to the main area where the audience was. They had Johnny Diesel and the Injectors, The Radiators, Nick Barker and the Reptiles to name a few.

The first major concert that went to was Madness (supported by the Sports) at the Capital Theatre in 1981.

I think it was Status Quo. Actually, I went to a free one at Victoria Park pool to see AC/DC on the roof. That was before they became big.


Australian Crawl 1982 at the Capitol Theatre

I also saw Status Quo twice, ABBA twice, Skyhooks, Queen, Angels, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil about 5 times, Sunnyboys, Frankie Valli, Thin Lizzy and Dianna Ross.

I saw a few bands that played at High School. Of those Buffalo would be the only name that some might vaguely remember.

The first concert I went to though was a musical - Jesus Christ Superstar at the Capitol Theatre.

The first band I remember paying to see were The Radiators at Souths Juniors. I think they cost me the huge amount of $5.

Seen a lot of different artists and bands over the years. Some once only, some many times.

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Johnny Okeefe with my mum in the early 70’s I think just before he died. And then she sat through a very very early dragon concert. God bless her.


Blink 182 at the Hordern, in all their juvenile glory.

AC/AD, Daceyville Police Boys Club around 1976. The Skull (mad dragons supporter) on the door dress in Nazi uniform.


First concert was Wings (Paul Mcarntney) in 1975. Won the tickets on 2SM. I was 13 and me and my best mate from School went.

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I remember the Skull abusing us Souths supporters on the train to a game at Redfern in the 80s
He would have loved this era of social media!

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Mental as anything and cold chisel at the old Vista cinema Woonona. Was about 12 or 13 . Used to sneak into Thirroul leagues toilet windows and see The Angels and a few others as well.

First major was The Beach Boys at SCG and local was Flowers first gig ever at The Time and Tide Narrabeen

Probably the Radiators at Sefton pub.
We got to see pretty much all the Aussie bands doing the rounds at the time, Angels, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oils, Flowers etc.
First overseas band would have been the Tourists (Annie Lennox); then the Police when they came out early 80s

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Rock Arena at the Sydney Showground in 1978.

Multiple bands. It started around midday & finished late at night.

In order from last to first:

  • Fleetwood MAC
  • Santana
  • Little River Band
  • Kevin Borich Express
  • some Japanese band that no one ever heard of, & never heard of again.

I was about 10m or 15m from the stage.

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Yes, I was at the AC/DC concert at Daceyville, Bon Scott God bless him, saw them again at the restaurant festival at Hay market. But before that I think was Buffalo supported by Split Enz at the Hordern early to mid 70’s. Sherbet at the Capitol in 76.

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Trams Teg at the Blue Gum

Hey @Rickster star I used to hang around Sefton pub back then. The music scene was great back then.

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First paid concert was either ACDC, the High Voltage tour with Buffalo as the support band, or it was Hush, can’t remember which one was first.

Free concerts would include Brian Cadd, Jon English, Sherbet singing Free the People, Allison McCallum singing Superman.

Yeah, you’re not wrong.
It became just about a weekly event - Radiators, D Minor, Mi Sex etc.
Everyone standing shoulder to shoulder with a schooner in one hand and a cigarette in the other