Wayne Bennett future: High-powered push for Bennett to remain at South Sydney Rabbitohs

Wayne Bennett future: High-powered push for Bennett to remain at South Sydney Rabbitohs

South Sydney don’t want Wayne Bennett to leave and discussions are in place for him to stay. BUZZ’S HIGHLIGHTS, LOWLIGHTS

Phil Rothfield

February 14, 2021 - 8:00PM

News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are in a similar position to Melbourne Storm and Craig Bellamy with their coach Wayne Bennett.

They don’t actually want the old super coach to leave at the end of the season.

Jason Demetriou will take over as head coach at the Rabbitohs from 2022 onwards but chief executive Blake Solly has spoken to Bennett about staying on.

There is a role to be created as a director of football, the same as the Broncos, Storm and the Sharks are offering Craig Bellamy.

The difference is that Bellamy is ready to step back at the end of the season while Bennett hasn’t lost the bug for coaching.

Bennett hasn’t totally rejected the offer from the Rabbitohs but he is not yet in a position to make a call on his future.

The Rabbitohs hope Wayne Bennett will stay. Picture: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

New signing Benji Marshall with Wayne Bennett at training for South Sydney at Redfern Oval. Picture: Adam Yip

New signing Benji Marshall with Wayne Bennett at training for South Sydney at Redfern Oval. Picture: Adam Yip

He will wait until June when a decision will be made on the new Brisbane franchise in an expanded 2023 premiership.

All three groups bidding to become the 17th team in south-east Queensland would want Bennett as the face of the franchise.

It would be highly unlikely he could stay at Souths in a director of football role why setting up the new team.


It’s a smart move by Solly.

Not only is Wayne Bennett one of the greatest coaches of all time, but by keeping him on the books he isn’t set free and then able to poach our players to his new destination.

I doubt Bennett will want the job though. Seems he still has a burning desire to be the head coach of the club he is at.

From the photos they used, do you think they weren’t sure what Jason Demetriou looks like? :wink:

Men In Black

:point_up_2: Jason Demetriou :point_up_2: :wink:


I think he will do it with an option to leave pending the second Brisbane team

That’s definitely what his plans are but he mightn’t have much to do until then. Coaching another team in between Souths and Brisbane 2 makes no sense

Does that leave us open for him pitching our players to leave from within our own system ?

Who knows but that will be a risk even if he isn’t here

May even help as he won’t be able to negotiate for another team while employed with us.

I don’t think that is an option.

You couldn’t have him here for a year as a director as well as being named the new coach up there in 2023.

He will need that year to set up his roster.

Could you imagine if he snared a Rabbitohs player.

All hell would break lose.

Imagine, it is a possibility

I’m not convinced there will be an expansion in 2023 and there’s always the chance Brisbane 2 isn’t the team selected for expansion

I am.

And it has to be.

Are you willing to bet against something V’landys has already stated will happen and is a priority for the NRL?


Oh it’s happening … there’s a lot going on …

As anticipation builds that a new club will be given the green light to enter the national comp in 2023 , The Daily Telegraph can reveal that former Rabbitohs boss Richardson has been working behind the scenes for the past four months to help his old club Easts Tigers, who are backing the bid, to put together a highly-detailed business model.

Richardson was reluctant to talk about his involvement when contacted on Monday but insiders claim his experience and expertise will be a key factor when it comes to the NRL judging which bid gets the go-ahead.

Other bid teams include the Brisbane Bombers, Ipswich and Redcliffe Dolphins.

Richardson and his son Brent now run a company called Rich Digital which has been charged with putting together the Firehawks’ bid documentation and marketing strategy.

Lots more in this topic/thread …


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Richie Rich is real! :flushed:

East Tigers are fucked then

If Bennett isn’t coaching, he is not worth keeping. Cut him loose as it will only undermine JD.

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If Wayne stays on as an advisor/manager, id be happy with that. The guy is a legend and is still well respected by players. I can’t see why he wouldn’t be beneficial.