Wayne Bennett breaks silence on ‘handshake deal’ with Phil Gould



Exclusive: Bennett blasts secret Penrith deal rumour

WAYNE Bennett has blasted speculation he held secret talks with former Penrith supremo Phil Gould in an explosive build-up to Saturday night’s Souths-Panthers preliminary final.

Buffeted by 12 months of rumours that he privately agreed to join Penrith, Bennett has come out swinging, lashing Panthers chairman Dave O’Neill over claims the super coach had done a handshake deal with Gould. “That is absolute garbage,” Bennett said.

“I have never looked at going to Penrith.”

Bennett said the only club he had talked to was the Wests Tigers over a threeyear deal.

He and Gould waged a high-powered feud for more than 20 years.

But the pair appeared to have put aside their differences when O’Neill said last year: “Gus (Gould) came to me after he’d reached an understanding with Bennett and said to me we can have him if we want him.”

O’Neill spoke out again on Monday, adding Penrith management rejected Gould’s pursuit of Bennett in favour of Ivan Cleary, a decision vindicated by the Panthers’ surge to this year’s minor premiership.

But as Bennett and Cleary prepare to square off in the Souths-Panthers suddendeath showdown, the Rabbitohs coach has had enough of Penrith’s high-level claims that he was in talks with long-time enemy Gould.

“There was a lot of talk around my future during that time at the Broncos when I was sacked (in December 2018),” Bennett said. “I have never met Dave O’Neill (Penrith chairman) … I wouldn’t know him if he walked past me tomorrow.”

The Penrith innuendo surrounding Bennett adds a spicy edge to Saturday’s preliminary final as the 70-year-old looks to knock out Cleary’s Panthers and qualify for a remarkable 10th grand-final appearance.

Bennett was co-coach of Canberra in the 1987 decider before winning six premierships at the Broncos. He won a seventh title at the Dragons in 2010, only to suffer a heartbreaking extra-time loss as Brisbane coach in their 2015 grand final epic against the Cowboys.

Asked if he did a handshake deal with Gould to coach Penrith, Bennett said: “I have never spoken to one person at Penrith. I never had one phone call from them. I didn’t talk to Gus Gould … no-one.

“If Phil Gould wanted me, I would have no idea. I was never privy to one thing.

“The truth is this - the only team that I ever talked to was the Wests Tigers. There was a three-year deal with them on offer and I would have done the deal with the Tigers if the Broncos were up front with me and told me they were going to sack me for 2019.

“I gave my word I was staying at the Broncos and I intended to honour my final 12 months, so that’s why I knocked back the Tigers.

“Phil Gould might have pushed me to the Penrith board but I had nothing to do with it. I never had a single discussion with him. I never chased the Penrith job. I have been associated and linked with every club. How many clubs do people want to link me with? Apparently I was going to New Zealand earlier this year. I’ve always said I was happy at Souths and I would honour my contract at Souths and here I am. All the other coaching jobs have been taken and I’m still with Souths.”

The Rabbitohs were given no hope of a premiership tilt when star fullback Latrell Mitchell snapped his hamstring a month before the finals.

But after a 60-8 thumping of the Roosters in the final round and two sudden-death finals defeats of Newcastle and Parramatta, Bennett said his Rabbitohs troops are prepared to “pay the price” for the club‘s 22nd title.

“I see that in this team,” Bennett said.

“A lot of people wrote us off, they thought we were gone when we lost Latrell.

“But I never felt that.

“We’ve come together at the right time of the season. Souths are a special club.”



I like this, and that can get us over the line against Penrith and into the GF


“I have never met Dave O’Neill (Penrith chairman) … I wouldn’t know him if he walked past me tomorrow.”

I love him so much


Love it. I remember Wayne saying, “it’s going to be a very exciting 4 weeks.”

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This is 101 from the Bennett playbook. The week leading into big games he makes it about himself to take the focus and pressure off his team


By Andrew Webster at the SMH:-

South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett has subscribed to the George Costanza theory that ‘it’s not a lie if you believe it.’

The supercoach has denied he even met with Penrith two years ago, let alone made the infamous handshake agreement with then-general manager of football Phil Gould about becoming their coach.
“I have never spoken to one person at Penrith,” Bennett said via his official newsletter, The Courier Mail. “I never had one phonecall from them. I didn’t talk to Gus Gould — no-one! If Phil Gould wanted me, I would have no idea. I was never privy to one thing.”

That’s in complete contradiction to the version of the story I’ve been told. That version says Bennett, who was on the outer at the Broncos in mid-2018, organised a meeting with Gould via Fox Sports boss Steve Crawley, who has ghostwritten Bennett’s absorbing books.

The meeting took place in the loungeroom of Gould’s long-time mate and former manager, Wayne Beavis. They shook hands on the deal, which sort of undermines Bennett’s desire to stay at the Broncos in 2019 in support of his players.

Unbeknown to Gould, Panthers chairman Dave O’Neill was shaking hands with Ivan Cleary at the same time.
All this Bennett jibber-jabber is great fun, of course, but it gets tiresome when he starts trying to play Jedi mind tricks with the public by saying the media “just make this stuff up”.

It’s becoming quite obvious the greatest fiction writer in rugby league history is Bennett.
Nevertheless, the 70-year-old has his Rabbitohs humming at the right time of the year and it wouldn’t surprise if he won the whole shebang.

After the semi-final win over Parramatta, he gave his players three days off. Three!

How many coaches would do that in the lead-up to a grand final qualifier?

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Who gives a f@#$? Bennett did not start this conversation.

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