Vale Kevin Dann

I was taken back by the news of the passing of Kevin Dann. He was of those great footballers in a very ordinary side that could have earned a lot more money and glory elsewhere. A lot of modern footballers could learn from a guy like this about loyalty.
Taken too young. Thanks for the memories.

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I don’t remember him; must have played late 70’s, early 80’s?

Either way, Vale, and thank you, Kevin.

Fullback who played for Penrith.I think he may have played an Origin game.

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@BumperBunny yeah that was his era. Penrith were nowhere for years and he stuck it out.

@BearDiggerRabbit He did play an origin game. Big deal considering where Penrith were running.

Sad to hear this, Kevin Dann was a very good player in a very ordinary side. Had the pleasure of watching him play against us a few times at Redfern back in the day. May he rest in peace.

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Very sad news , Kevin Dann was the fullback at the Panthers when I was playing junior reps at Penrith back in the 80’s . He also had a sports store in Queen st at St Mary’s . He was a very good footballer & a really nice bloke who always had a chat with us kids . Condolences to the family .

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I was just recalling his sports store at St.Marys, I am sure he had Dougie Walters in the store one time signing autographs. Sad news.