V’landys to stay on as NRL leader

V’landys to stay on as NRL leader


PETER V’landys will remain as part of rugby league’s leadership team for at least three more years while former Queensland minister Kate Jones will also join the commission.

Clubs were informed of the news last night with chairman V’landys and fellow commissioner Megan Davis re-appointed to their roles for another three years.

V’landys has not committed to how long he plans to stay on top of rugby league’s food chain as he balances his role with Racing NSW.

The most surprising news came as Jones was announced to fill one of the vacancies left by Amanda Laing in March.

The game has also not replaced Mark Coyne who stooddown in July last year. Jones was the minister for the Commonwealth Games where she worked closely with Peter Beattie, who was the chairman.

“She did a brilliant job with the Commonwealth Games and will do a brilliant job with rugby league,” Beattie said.

“She is a great team player.

“I enjoyed working with her during the Commonwealth Games which were run on time and on budget.”


V’Landys to burst NRL bubble


HE got the footy back in 2020

— now Peter V’landys is on a new mission.

The ARLC chairman has declared he wants to get the NRL back to normal next year.

He has also confirmed State of Origin games is unlikely to continue in November. The series will probably return to its mid-season schedule.

“More likely than not, this (State of Origin) will be the one and only time (in November) because the ratings weren’t very good last week,” V’landys said.

Within the game, clubs and players are working towards another season of bubble restrictions and isolation periods.

But never one to shy away from a challenge, V’Landys is confident of normality.

“We’re going to go back to normal,” he told SEN radio.

“We’ve experienced COVID, we know how to handle COVID, and I don’t think the protocols will be as strict (in 2021).

“In Australia, we’re very lucky that community infections are zero, and while they’re zero we can live our lives pretty normally.”

V’landys praised the players for their sacrifices in 2020.

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Locked in: NRL saviour here to stay after season from hell

After guiding the NRL through the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter V’landys has decided on his rugby league future, with his time as ARLC Chair set to expire in February.

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Rugba League has been very lucky to have Peter V’landys at the helm this year, and it was largely down to his single-minded drive that got the competition back on the field, and ahead of the other codes. Given that challenges remain in 2021 and beyond, I’m pleased that he’s staying on.


Remember when a few forum experts were hell bent on bringing V’Landys down even before he started in the gig.

Told us he was nothing but a Greek yes man for Uncle Nick and had got “lucky” with Racing NSW.

Funny shit.

He has been outstanding for the game during one of the toughest periods the sport has ever seen.


I shudder to think what our game would look like right now if he hadn’t stepped in.

The man of the hour.



I wonder if origin this year would have been better on a Friday night.


V’landys was a guest speaker at a Souths Sydney breakfast during the year…he spoke about how he was trying to organise with the govt the warriors to go into quarantine. The politician wouldn’t have a bar of it…so he called all the journalist he knew to call the politician. One hour later the politician called V’landys back… “how are we going to make it work”. Smart man that doesn’t listen to people that say it wont work. Makes things happen!


PV’s experience with the horse racing industry’s response to the Hendra Virus was his ace up his sleeve, and he used that experience to get the game back into swing very quickly. Whilst the other other codes were floundering about, if we didn’t have PV and his attitude, every sport would be in dire straits if he hadn’t stepped up.

At times it is good to have an outsider in control of the game, and whilst only the “Chairman” of the ARLC, he showed leadership when it was needed, and even forced himself into the NRL’s administration and did the job of what those in charge should have been doing in the first place, and eventually kicked out some the deadwood that was in there.

I think in 3 years time, he will step down once things have been in place. But I think he wants to get the game’s administration on track, build it with a better framework and make it more stronger in it’s financial capability, which will need a couple of years to accomplish.

I may not agree with some of the things he has said and done (mostly in the horse racing industry), but he does deserves the credit in dealing with crisis and having good financial responsibilities.


Good point, there was no reason for it to be mid week.

Equine Influenza - EI

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Thanks @GItheking That was the first big test.

The Hendra Virus was just the recent issue for horses and they quickly pounced on that too from their experience with EI.

Hendra virus was never a major issue in NSW - there were a few more cases in QLD but nothing like the EI outbreak that shut down racing completely.

That was a much bigger issue for the racing industry than COVID has been for the NRL, but we had the right man in place with the experience to work through it.

He has been great.