US Presidential Election –– Trump vs Biden

Who’ has everyone got for the next President of the good old US of A? Trump or Biden?


The magnitude and scale of Trump’s win tomorrow will shock even him.

Even the pollsters are now massively hedging, saying if Republicans turn out solidly tomorrow, the Democrats will be routed.


I’m no Trump fan, but Biden is a terrible choice for the democrats. Just glad I don’t have to vote. A Trump victory would not surprise me


My guess is that Trump will win by the length of the Kentucky straight going away. However I’m wrong with most things so who knows?

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Gee I hope not…the guys is so decisive…he will just continue to fuel the us and them divide… I am glad that it is not like that here… I live in Qld and one thing Anthony Green said about democracy is it is not only about who wins it is also about those who loses accepting it. We do that here so we have political stability. Trump he fuels division.


Biden will win easily. Trump is a lying thug. Deserves to be routed.


I would normally jump on this thread & close it down due to it being political.

But, as the US election result is imminent, & provided posters here just express an opinion on the what the result will be - and not make personal comments about the candidates or media coverage - I’ll let it go for the moment & see if people can behave themselves.


Good call Moon.

Agreed. Intellectual and friendly debates in good spirit only please. Only reason I made this is I enjoy people’s opinions on politics.


I personally think Biden will win. Trump blows allot of smoke and I feel as much as they are both as bad as each other Biden will provide more predictability and stability to the USA.

Trump supporters are very vocal so you assume he will smash it but I feel allot of the silent voters will come out in force.

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Because of the current tensions between us and China; we need Trump.


Maybe Trump is one of the causes of the tensions?


Flag this if needed, but regardless of the results, the fallout afterwards will likely be the same, and that is greater and more violent civil unrest. Trump supporter trucks tailing and crowding a biden bus. A lady with BLM sticker on her car, pulled over and surround by five trump supporter filled pick up trucks, threatening her with violence. Locals walking up black people in the street saying this is a ‘no n****r’ zone and that they will be sorry when trump is reelected.

My point is the election is the least of USA’s problems given they are on the brink of fascist rule and having their democracy stripped slowly but surely.


Agree with Moon this. We won’t tolerate a left wing vs right wing debate with posters’ personal political beliefs here. Nothing good will come of that.
I, like many others, thought Clinton would romp in 4 years ago, so I wouldn’t lay money on an outcome.


This all saddens me to the point I find it depressing and I have avoided any mainstream news for the last couple of years…I am sure that the founding fathers of the USA never envisaged what is happening now in the USA. The States are far from United. Biden may not be the answer however he will try to be a uniting force and the us v them rhetoric will change.



This guy will do a much better job.



He’s still the lesser of two evils

They elected him last election didn’t they?