Two men charged over racially abusing NRL star Latrell Mitchell

Two men charged over racially abusing NRL star Latrell Mitchell

Two men from the NSW Mid North Coast have been arrested today after allegedly sending Latrell Mitchell racially abusive social media messages.

Ava Benny-MorrisonAva Benny-MorrisonCrime reporter

April 23, 2021 - 1:46PM

The Saturday Telegraph

Two men have been arrested after allegedly sending racially abusive messages to NRL star Latrell Mitchell.

The NSW Police Fixated Persons Unit kicked off an investigation earlier this week after the Rabbitohs full back received a series of abusive social media messages, some of which were racially charged, on Instagram. The messages were sent last weekend.

Detectives arrested two men, a 22-year-old in Taree and a 25-year-old at Lake Munmorah, on the NSW Mid North Coast today.

Latrell Mitchell leads the war cry during the Indigenous All Stars game in February. Picture: Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images

They were charged with using a carriage service to harass, menace and cause offence.

They were granted bail to appear in court next month.

Police also seized electronic devices from the mens’ homes.

It is not the first time Mitchell, who copped a controversial four week ban from the game this week for a hit on West Tigers winger David Nofoaluma, has been the target of derogatory messages from strangers on social media.

Mitchell has spoken out against racism in the past after he received abusive messages in 2019. Picture: Toby Zerna

He considered quitting the NRL after being bombarded with disgraceful messages in 2019.

“Honestly, I was that close to giving up,” Mitchell told The Daily Telegraph last year.

“I thought, why don’t I just go get a nine-to-five job and not be in the spotlight?”

The 23-year-old indigenous all stars player has been contacted for comment.


I feel very sorry for Latrell. He cops it because he plays for Souths and he cops it because he’s Indigenous.
It must be hard to keep backing up.


Some disgusting Souths fans have done much the same to a few of our Indigenous players, even on this forum.


Hope they throw the book at them. No place for this in any society. He should be admired and lauded for his wonderful achievements off the field and for being a proud and talented indigenous man.


Pretty bloody sad, given all the good work Trell has done helping out during floods etc up that way. What a low carnt you have to be to send him that shit.


Coping it 'cause he plays for Souths is fair game, I’m sure most of us gave it him when he wore the enemies colours.
I gave it to him 'cause he lost his cool & cost himself a long suspension.
Coping it because he is indigenous is not on. Where do people get off? I hope they deal with the arseholes accordingly.


Wash it off Trell,they are jealous of your capabilities and your culture.
Look in the mirror each day Trell and you will see a good man who can hold his head high above any of this,they are insignificant mate.
:heart::green_heart: Love you Trell


I read that this happened over last weekend so am thinking that may have been why he seemed not his usual happy self in the Tigers game. As some commentators said he seemed to have had some angry pills. Could this be the reason? I would think so.

So good he handed over to the police. It must have been bad for them to charge these excuses so quickly.


Sounds like someone deliberately tried to stir him up so he would not play well. A disgusting act towards any person.


NRL Tonight I think said it was a former team mate and a former player

Bullying is really about the insecurity of the perpetrator.


I cannot believe the hate spewed by gutless keyboard trolls, not just this instance. Is jealousy the reason? Latrell is a very humble guy, has all the time in the world for the fans, not only Bunny fans. I love watching him play he is a machine. Stay strong Latrell.


A former NRL player?

That is what I thought I heard them announce on the NRL Tonight show and a former team mate

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I was referring to him copping it at the judiciary. WB said none of those charges should have lead to a suspension

You know I really don’t get the picking on someone thing over their ethnicity, hair colour, skin colour etc etc. I have raised my kids in my belief that good people are good people and arseholes are arseholes and thats it.
Latrell is a role model to a lot of kids and adults and also a beacon of hope that we all can achieve something when we put our minds to it. It must break their heart as much as it does mine when I read about what some jealous pieces of crap have written. Hopefully the Australian judicial system will grow a pair and finally charge and convict people with a severe punishment and not with a feather.


Standing strong: Walker backs Mitchell and NRL stances on racism and trolling


Todd Balym


Sat 24 Apr 2021, 08:01 AM

Cody Walker believes Latrell Mitchell’s courage has paved the way for more players to stand up to racism while applauding the NRL’s stance to support players who are victims of online trolling.

Walker is a close friend and South Sydney teammate of Mitchell’s and has spoken with the 23-year-old about the racist abuse he’d received via social media.

Mitchell reported the matter to the NRL integrity unit who forwarded the complaint to the NSW police who on Friday arrested a 22-year-old Taree man and 25-year-old Lake Munmorah man.

The men were charged with using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence and were granted bail to appear in court in May.

Walker said he was incredibly proud of his friend for how he has dealt with racist abuse not just now, but throughout his entire NRL career.

Bennett appreciates support for Mitchell

Bennett appreciates support for Mitchell

“I think we have to congratulate Latrell in all of this,” Walker said.

"He is such a strong-minded person, I’ve never really met a guy as strong-minded as Latrell is.

"You have to understand he is 23 years of age and he has copped this since he has been in the game.

"The way he has handled himself through these periods is quite a credit to himself and I’m quite proud of the NRL for taking this step and showing that there is a process in place and it’s quite a big process and it’s a pretty proud moment.

“I’m quite close to Latrell, not only on the field but off the field. We spend a lot of time together and rattle a lot of ideas off each other and he spoke to me about it. He spoke to the guys who he needed to speak to and I’m quite proud of him to be fair.”

As captain of the Indigenous All Stars, Walker said confronting racism had been a big talking point among his teammates and they’d all made a pact to stand up to it.

“For sure. 100 per cent. It’s what we’ve spoken about for a number of years now, it’s not on in the game let alone society,” Walker said.

“I can’t believe we’re still talking about this in 2021.”

Mitchell is just the latest victim in the worrying trend of NRL stars and coaches being targeted via social media and online trolls.

Last year Broncos coach Anthony Seibold endured vicious rumours being spread on social media before he eventually stood down from his job.

While earlier this year Roosters centre Josh Morris received threats of violence for failing to score a try because it had impacted upon a gambler’s multi-bet.

NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo said the game would report any online abuse of their players to the authorities. Walker said the players appreciated such support and hoped it would give everyone in the game the courage to stand up on this issue.

“That is why it’s so good the NRL are doing something about it, there is a process in place and they’re taking action,” he said.

"That’s all we really want. It’s quite a good feeling [to know we’re supported].

“That’s the beauty of what’s happening now, they’re taking action which is great. And it’s only positives you can take out of it.”


Good on you Cody.


Amen, Cody!


We all can learn something from our canine buddies,no bullshit with them.
Just unconditional love,no matter what colour the fur.