Training Gallery - Preliminary Final

Training Gallery - Preliminary Final
Tue 13 Oct 2020, 03:31 PM

The Rabbitohs prepare for their Preliminary Final against the Penrith Panthers.



Sua no strapping on the knee, good sign. Everyone looking relaxed even Benny, another good sign.


…and why wouldn’t they be relaxed? They have gone further than any body expected them to and they can go out and enjoy their footy. Penrith on the other hand , have had 2 weeks to stew. Maybe Penrith may have the weight of expectation leaning heavily on them. We could do with all the help we can get. Love the photos.


We have been there three years in a row, and surely we have learned our lessons. Keeping calm and relaxed a big part of that. Not thinking about the game is another. The young ones that haven’t been there will learn A LOT.


Remember the young guns have also been there last year in their own big stage in RG or U20s

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Best they have looked in years, calm, happy and bro’s…It feels really good :blush:


I thought it was an ankle issue…?

We will beat Penrith.
Not sure about taking no.22, but we will win next week.
Nothing special, but just a gut feel.


Tex, man I hope your right.

I’m just not so certain. That doesn’t mean I’m not in your corner mate :joy:… oh I burned the white towel.

Ding Ding :boxing_glove:

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Burn that mother F$&ker burn :joy::joy::joy:

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This is a happy, injury free, relaxed team in tremendous form. If there is one thing Bennett has excelled at over the years, it is pacing a team to peak during the finals. He stuffed up last year. He won’t this year, barring injuries.

Our spine is the best in the Comp on form. We are scoring points. Defence can be fixed quickly against specific attacks.

Keep them under 16 points and we will beat Penrith. We are good for 24-30 against them.

We’ll also win the grand final. No matter who we play at ANZ. I’ve never been more confident except in 2014, when I predicted them confidently all year when everyone here was writing them off.

8-1 is great odds and big overs. We’re the form team. That counts.


Defence is the key vs penrith especially in the middles. Also cut down the time for both their halves if we pressure them both and rough them up a bit with hard Defence I think they will make errors and wrong decisions.
In attack we just need to play our game and the forwards do the little things right

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I feel comfortable about us beating Penrith. I genuinely think that we will do it.

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Play out of our skins, we win.

We will do it easily. Penrith don’t know what’s coming. If they think they do they can’t stop it.
144 points against the two time reigning premiers and two sudden death finals - pfffft NEXT!!
If we start slow we’ll throw the ball around and win, if we start fast, we’ll just win. Simple really… NEXT


Great pics.