Training Friday 8th Jan

Went for a look at today’s session, it turned out to be one of the longer sessions we’ve seen, about two and a half hours on-field.

Corey Allan, Damien Cook and Gagai were absent.

Was impressed with the body shapes on all of the players, they look leaner than last year. Only exceptions were Latrell and Steven Masters.

There were a couple of players there I didn’t recognise, probably some of the younger crew. A smaller classy backline type player, dark skin, looks promising.

Jason Dimitriou was hunting them around hard all session, loves a swear, Bennett out back grabbing guys for one on ones constantly.

Latrell looks great, besides the minor chubbiness and never seen him enjoying himself so much. Fitness levels good, all his trick shots and touch on song.

Player that took my eye most today, in the way Sironen did last off season was Jed Cartwright, looks ready to go to another level although looked to me to finish the session with a minor leg or groin injury, walked off with Eddie Farah.

Cody had a knee strapped but managed the whole session.

The young trio of Ilias, Taaffe and D.Cook always great to watch, such promise and confidence.

Su’a like an ever-lurking shark with that shoulder, he put on three little beauties during the session, just can’t help himself.

Milne looks close to full speed, Moga’s fitted in nicely, though wore on of Su’a’s hits and Tatola and Host did the whole session on the punching mits. I reckon Junior could be a dark-horse if you slipped him into one of those league boxing nights.

Edit. The young guy that took my eye is Terrell Kalokalo apparently, geez only 17 years old.


No Allan i would assume it means his def gone.

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Cheers for the update mate!

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I remember reading somewhere on social media that one of the players thought Marstars was getting quite slim… guess he had a big Christmas period.

Yeah, it’s Terrell Kalokalo the kid is going be a beauty in a few years time. I think he will fill out into an absolute machine.

I see him and Campbell Graham as our long term centres. Along with Taaffe, Illias and Cook as our future spine. Add Latrell at the fullback and that’s some great youth coming through.


Great stuff Jed, thanks heaps.

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And our pack, led by Murray, is mostly wrapped up until 2023.

Keep this core together and our next decade will be fruitful


Always appreciate these posts. Thanks Jed, champion.


Cheers Jed great insights and we greatly appreciate it as always!

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There was a little moment early in the session where Kalokalo was on the end of a backline play where the ball was passed poorly, behind him. As he propped to step back and pick the ball up Cody Walker who was defending decided to put pressure on him, give him no quarter and in the blink of an eye Kalo turned and was around him, made Cody look a little old, with that he’d skipped inside the guy defending at wing as well, it was sublime. If he was a 19 or 20 year I’d have thought him promising, the fact he’s 17 is mind-boggling. He has a Merritt look about him.


Masters looked really good before Xmas, he’s just one of those naturally big guys I reckon, will always look like he has a big arse even though he’s fit enough.

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Thanks @Jed

Kalo Kalo


Thanks Jed. Great update and good to hear everyone appears fitter than last year.

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Thanks jed for the report, keep em coming.

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Let’s hope we can keep them and not lose them like we lost JS to the Roosters. But after the way Rusty chewed out the Club over that one, they might be a bit hesitant to do that again.

Kalo Kalo could be why Mansour is to be signed in the meantime.


@Jed thanks for taking the effort


I went to Redfern this morning as well and I agree with Jed, the players all trained well and are looking fit.
Some great long passes from Latrell although one of his cut out passes were intercepted, but still early in the year. Seeing him train was a good reminder of how much of a hundred steps up he is to Allan or any other fullback.

I noticed the green shirts were given to the likely start up players. Nicholls was not in one but trained well with the reds.

Moga was in green so they certainly see him as a starter and he moved well with pace. He is a huge body and looks hard to tackle. Milne is massive as well. Right now they look fit and will be ready to go by March. I have no problem if Moga was in the centres.

Jacob Host is taller and bigger than I thought and will be in the mix for first grade. I am pretty sure Tom Amone was there in a lighter shirt than everyone else and was not part of everything the teams did. Maybe needs to catch up with fitness.

Overall this team has premiership contention written all over it.


Amone wouldn’t be ready yet i imagine

Thought Amonw was released?