Top 25 Try Scorers of all Time

Horders strike rate leaves everyone in his shadow


It’s incredible, isn’t it - more than a try a game. Mind you Ken Irvine (212 tries from 236 matches), Frank Burge (147 from 154), Benny Wearing (144 from 172), Johnny King (143 from 191), Steve Renouf (142 from 183) and Eddie Lumsden (137 from 162) also boast amazing strike rates, while AJ’s 114 from 153 games (and counting) is also pretty impressive.

The amazing thing about Ken Irvine (and to a lesser extent Frank Burge) is that he played the bulk of his career in a middling Norths team. The bulk of try-scorers in that list played in successful teams (and so therefore got a lot more try scoring opportunities). Makes the efforts of our own Nathan Merritt all the more remarkable.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Merritt got top tryscorer when Souths finished last. Looking at the newspapers and programs of the early days Horder was considered a wonder.

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