Tom Burgess

Is it just me or has this guy come leaps of bounds over the past year. I am listening to his interview at the moment and he has transformed into one of our leaders at the club. At this stage, I wouldn’t be mad seeing him with the © next to his name ahead of anyone at the club.


Him and Junior are 2 of our best each week.


Agreed. I didn’t even consider him before the year started and honestly don’t love the idea of a Captain not being a 65+ minute player, but he’s shown more consistency and maturity than some of his brothers, and is the second-longest serving player we have.

Tom Burgess just has the aura around him where when he talks you listen also handles himself well in the media and the players respect him.He also lets his actions speak for themself. I’d be making Tom Burgess Captain and Adam Reynolds vice-captain so he can focus on his game.


I wouldn’t be stripping Reyno of the captaincy just yet.


Tom’s been great , but captain no.


A prop plays like he should we want to make him captain?


I don’t think he is a leader, but neither is our current captain.


Correct. Therein lies the issue & why posters are discussing captain options.

There doesn’t look to be a leadership issue in the team, they all seem motivated each week.

It seems that our leaders just aren’t very smart.

Reynolds needs to own the 5th tackle. That’s his job.


Turgess always played under Bennett

Even back in England days

He knows to motivate him

But had no idea how to motivate Gurgess

Jason Taumalolo
Games: 14
Minutes (ave): 63
Post Contact Metres: 1247
PCM per game (ave): 89.09
PCM per minute (age): 1.41

Sio Siua Taukeiaho
Games: 17
Minutes (ave): 57.9
Post Contact Metres: 1304.6
PCM per game (ave): 76.7
PCM per minute (ave): 1.32

Tom Burgess
Games: 18
Minutes (ave): 47.6
Post Contact Metres: 1204.7
PCM per game (ave): 66.92
PCM per minute (ave): 1.405

Tom’s Post Contact Metres this year has also eclipsed Sam’s 2018 by 17 metres on average per game.

If he wasn’t considered to be in elite company, he should be now and I think should be close to George Piggins Medal this year.


PCM: 1304.6
Runs: 261
Average Per Run: 4.99

PCM: 1204.7
Runs: 239.4
Average Per Run: 5.03

PCM: 1247.3
Runs: 243.6
Average Per Run: 5.12


You’d have to suggest Tom would easily cover 10 post contact metres in 10 minutes of running on average - I think he’d eclipse Taukeiaho’s numbers.

I hope he gives Tom a week off for the chooks game. Freshen him up.

Excellent post. We needed Tom to stand up without his brothers and he’s arguably had his best season.

If he won the GP medal it would be thoroughly deserved.

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Just the way he goes forward as well. Direct takes defenders and generally gets the set of to a cracker. Has quite a good play the ball for a big Man.

Fuk I wish he would work the next offseason on an offload. Cook could run an absolute muck trailing the big fella.

Tom has been our most consistant this year. With 2-6 games left I’ve locked him in for the George Piggins medal.

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Yep, that’s something he seems to lack…he gets pulled up just short of the line on the 4th tackle so often. I’d rather see him draw defenders and slip a pass.


We went to training a couple of years ago to watch the boys, my brother-in-law had M.N D and was a mad Rabbitoh, When the boys finish training some of them came over to say hello. Tom found out about the brother-in-laws health and stepped over the fence and sat down and talked to him for over 30 minutes

We all still talk about that day with a tear in our eyes

Tom is playing good football this year and well done to him. If ever they want to make him Captain they have my vote.