To Our Members We Say Thank You With Classic Sportswear

New Jersey partner for the next three years replacing ISC.

First item is a members thanks jersey!


Bring back the collar!

Assuming they will go with a more modern material and design

The last Classic Sportswear jersey I bought was in 1999 with DownTown Duty Free as the main sponsor & RSL Com as the sleeves sponsor


Yep, that was our last jersey manufactured by Classic.

Even if our main jersey doesn’t have a collar, i’d love for us to release an Alternate Away jersey with a collar.

I’m hoping it means an end to the side panels.

If you look at the Bulldogs jersey made by Classic they have thin piping around the sleeves. A good outcome would be applying a black / white to these lines, the colour and the sleeve piping with the rest of the jersey preserved.

So what does it look like ?

Classic are rubbish. I was told by someone at Souths that they rejected a few of their jersey designs as they couldn’t get the green colour correct. Go have a look at the bulldogs merchandise so plain and boring.

Hopefully the club influences the gear.

As soon as I knew ISC were going I went and brought a new hoody and vest.

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Let’s wait and see what they come up with before sounding off yeah? They might just surprise us. As for Bulldogs merchandise being plain and boring, is not like they’ve got a lot to work with there!

Personally, I’ve always wanted a Puma or an Adidas to design and supply our range. Oh well, maybe in three years.

But Penrith’s jersey is great - on the flip side.

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They use Oneills not classic.

Go check out the bulldogs prices. $110 for a basic non zip hoody.

Oh, my mistake. Classic’s website says they have Penrith as a client.

Looks like it will be this design


I think you will find that this could be a mock up. Alcatel only has a two year deal with us and no extension has been announced yet for 2021.

I think we might wear it against the Tigers

And it will be a once of sale item

Did I read correctly

Even though you pledged your membership you still need to pay $25 to have your name added to the thank you jersey ?

Same here

It’s very confusing to understand. A simple table would have made it clearer. If you’ve pledged your membership your name goes on the jersey, if you haven’t and you want to be on it this is what you need to do.

So they are happy to count the flexi memberships when bragging about the 30k, but want them to pay extra to have their name on the jersey?


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I paid… must have missed the pledge thing