Tigers Steal Bunnies Secrets


James Hooper

  • April 23, 2021 6:03am
  • Source: FOX SPORTS


There’s an interesting back story to Tom Burgess’ barnstorming try that sealed the incredible victory for Souths in extra time against the brave Tigers on Saturday night. With the Bunnies pressing the line, Adam Reynolds seemed certain to slot another field goal to win. But Rabbitohs players were stunned to hear the code name they use for field goals being screamed out by Tigers forwards, who were all rushing to shut down Reynolds. Damien Cook took one look from dummy half and, proving why he’s the NSW Origin hooker, slipped the ball to Burgess who burst through a yawning gap left by the Tigers players fixated on Reynolds. What followed was the most extraordinary end to a game we’ve seen in decades. The Bunnies were left wondering how the Tigers got hold of their secret call – but they will almost certainly be changing it this weekend.


Yeah, it was funny watching the 3 Tigers forwards rush towards Reyno then stop in their tracks when Tom sailed through that gap. It reminded me of meerkats on full alert…whoops…bugger…oh shit.
Bloody good to watch.


Would it be the same call from last year? Roberts or Douhei would obviously know it.


Shane Millard also who is an assistant at the Tigers now.

Although, in that situation it wouldn’t be hard to know the field goal is on!

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We literally kicked a field goal to make it even, and then missed another attempt for the win.

Did we not call it those times? Did we use a different call?


I’m surprised if onfield calls aren’t used more effectively as mind games.

e.g. the first time you make a particular call, it’s a second man play then a cutout pass to the winger.

But you deliberately make the call loudly a second time, and instead of that play, it’s an inside ball to a rampaging forward.

Or is that putting too much faith in the players’ ability to count to two, or remember the call has been used already?

They could also do something different altogether, e.g. it doesn’t matter what you call, but the play is indicated by body language, like two hands cupped to mouth means one thing, one hand on hip means a different play, one hand to mouth is play #3 etc. The call is just to grab attention so people see the body language.

I think changing the meaning of a call is a bit too much in some cases. Maybe between some players it works, but say you make a call once and it’s a cutout to the centre, and the second time it’s a pass back inside to a forward. What if there’s an interchange and Tom, who was on the field for the first call, is no longer on, and Knight doesn’t realise it’s the second call?

If you have too many mind games with the calls themselves, I think you’re more likely to get it wrong.

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Change it to “FIELD GOAL!!!”


Maybe tigers were calling it out because they’d heard it the two times previously in the game (ie. they’d learnt it), and were trying to trick our players into taking it at the end?

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…or maybe because Madge knew it & we are guilty of not changing our “password” since.

Come on hoops. It’s golden point. Of course Tigers knew we are going for a field goal.

What a stupid article.

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It was 4th tackle, I thought we’d go for another metre making settler anyway.