This is just Ridiculous’, Outlaw Hip Drop Tackle

This is just ridiculous’


Dragon Blake Lawrie.

Greats unanimous in calling for ‘awful’ hip-drop tackle to be outlawed

MELBOURNE Storm forward Max King has ignited another ugly tackling controversy on the eve of the finals.

League greats Brad Fittler, Andrew Johns and Greg Alexander are outraged over a nasty hip drop tackle that left experienced commentator Andrew Voss livid.

“Who wants young kids learning that tackle?” Voss asked Fox League viewers during Sunday’s broadcast.

Fittler labelled the tackle by King on St George Illawarra’s Blake Lawrie “awful”, while Alexander said it was “intent to injure”.

But Storm coach Craig Bellamy vehemently defended King’s actions immediately after the match.

When told of Alexander’s comments, Bellamy said: “That’s ridiculous. That is ridiculous. I would be very disappointed if any player in the competition goes out to intentionally injure an opposition player. That’s ridiculous.”

The Storm aren’t the only ones who have been guilty of using the tackle this year, and players from several teams have landed in strife.

The tackle forced a hobbling Lawrie to immediately leave the field.

“That is awful,” Fittler told Channel 9. “You know, they keep trying to get these things out of the game. This is just ridiculous doing that.

“My God. What are we going to start dealing with next? That is just awful.

“I hate it.”

Alexander said on Fox League: “That is the example of what we don’t want in the game.

“That incident in itself is worthy of 10 minutes in the bin. That is foul play. That is obvious foul play. He will leave the field. That will be the end of Blake Lawrie.”

But while NRL head of football Graham Annesley suggested recently the hipdrop tackle was “nothing new”, Alexander and Voss disagreed.

Voss said: “What I am saying here is if the authorities really believe this is a tackle that has crept into the game, well, I hope they have learned from experience where we allowed some wrestling techniques and only gave players a slap on the wrist.

“If you really want to stamp it out of the game then put two to four weeks on it to rub it completely out.”

Voss also asked Alexander if he had seen it previously, given he had been in the “game for decades”.

Alexander responded: “It started this year.”

Voss said: “Who wants young kids learning that tackle? Dads, mums, watching right now on Fox League. Do you want your kids involved in a tackle like that? Is that good technique?”

The tackle is when a player drops his body weight on the back of a player’s legs or feet.

NRL Physio Brien Seeney said on social media when Lawrie left the field he was concerned about a syndesmosis or MCL injury: “Once again, variation of the hip-drop tackle in practice. Nasty technique.”


Melbourne at the forefront of dangerous tackle again.

Bromwich was done for the same tackle in the Roosters clash on Ikuvalu.

Given the cloud of wrestling etc that is largely attributed to Storm. Is bellemy really that good or do they win by hurting a few key players under instruction.


Ah our great media pearl clutching again. They will be kissing Storm and Bellamy arse in the next article or week though. This team:

  1. saw huge sums diverted from successful league areas to be propped up
  2. systemically cheated the cap and as a result, we have years with no champion
  3. introduced techniques that at best are highly questionable and at worst, have injured and maimed opposing players and have always gotten a pass whilst other teams are punished
  4. their ‘leader’ thinks it was more important to argue a penalty when the tackle put the player in a wheel chair, somehow though this bloke is a media darling, despite cheating on his wife with a fellow media member

and on and on. Fuck them and fuck the media who repeatedly gloss over all of it.


Wasn’t that the same thing that did Junior’s knee a few weeks back?

Such actions are obviously coached into the players and the Storm appear to be the front runners again.

I think if a player gets suspended for such a deliberate action, just like the chicken wing etc, then the coach copes a suspension as well.
Current penalties are insufficient.


That was a terrible tackle. Absolutely he tried to inflict as much pain as he could. You could even see ? Matt Dufty in the foreground throw his arms to his head and seemed to grimace as the tackle was happening. If they are fair dinkum and want to get rid of this tackle then suspend the blokes doing it for 6 weeks at a time.


That’s not a bad idea. If these tackles happen say 3 times or more the coach cops a suspension and/or the club a big fine for failing to train it out of the game… Not sure how it would be managed in reality.


How about making it a send off offence?


I hate this. The same point was used as a defence of the Storm during controversies over the grapple, the crusher, the chicken wing and wishbone techniques.
You know you are the NRL’s priority when you can be at the forefront of introducing these dangerous techniques for so long and not be held accountable.
Someone above makes the point clubs should be punished in cases where multiple instances of these illegal tackles are proven.
I say if someone gets seriously hurt I hope the nrl is held fully accountable. It might now be quicker at cracking down on these trends than it was with the grapple and crusher, but it’s reactive approach still allows the unscrupulous to replace one now banned technique with a novel one.

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Hargreaves got away without being charged of that type of tackle either last week or the week before.

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I’ll tell you what, even though their reserves team just got pipped by stmerge they were bloody impressive for a team of young players who haven’t played much this year, they did everything at speed, clubs would do well to pick the eyes out of some of them, they really do recruit well

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Yep, before someone is in a wheelchair
The NRL will be culpable now it’s come to light.


Fuck Melbourne,fuck Bellamy,fuck all their players.
These grubby bastards come up with some illegal wrestling move every year,Bellyache is the instigator of these always and should be dragged over the coals.
The whole organisation are just deadset kunts,wish nothing but misery to the whole fucking lot of them!


A pat on the back and a life contract with the WWE.
Vince is on the line now.

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I see Paulo got grade one careless contact charge and was free to play with early guilty plea.

Just seen it, that is a terrible tackle. The sooner we kill off that wrestling the better the game will be.

Surely he will be doing some good time for that?

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The NRL should make an example of the grub that executed that tackle and give him a grade 4 dangerous contact charge. Follow that with a warning to all clubs that this tackle is outlawed to the extent that it’ll be a send off offence going forward.
Get tough with the Storm otherwise they’ll perfect it and make it part of their suite of wrestling tackles.


The player should have at least been sin-binned for that tackle. So dangerous. Has he been charged with anything?


Will get at least 5 plus games

Good old storm , birth place of every dirty illegal rorting
Tactic in the game , not a word from the ARL…