The Warren Tipping Comp 2020

Fellow Warreners,

The 2020 Warren Tipping Comp is now open for you all to join.
Who will get bragging rights this year?
It’s very simple to join:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the ‘REGISTER’ button if you don’t already have an account with
  3. Once you have successfully registered login and, click the JOIN COMP button.
  4. Enter Comp # 113088 and Comp Password souths22 .
  5. Click join comp…DONE!

Here are the points details for this season. iTip have removed points for the draw in NRL this year.

Tip a Winner: 1 point
Perfect Round Bonus (Not allocated to Finals or State of Origin matches): 1 point
Non-Submission: Lowest Round Score
Join Late: Away Teams
Incorrect Tip: 0 point(s)
Tip Finals: YES
Tip State of Origin: NO
As with last season we will run a knockout comp concurrently.

Good luck to you all!


Is this a paid comp? i’d love a paid comp if there’s a number of people willing to do it. Depending on numbers 50$ entry would be cool

I’m in again Dave

I am in thanks Dave

And me too.

Done. Thanks Dave.

It’s never been a paid comp and I’d prefer to keep it that way @RustysRusty. Let’s keep it all inclusive and fun.

Please use your Warren username so we know who you are!
I’m talking to you ‘Sir tip a lot’.

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Thanks for organising :slight_smile:

Thanks for organizing this again. And I’m all signed up.

What is the ‘knockout tip’?

You tip one team to win each week. Tipsters whose team loses get knocked out each week until there’s one winner. You can’t tip the same team 2 weeks in a row.

So can we finish the comp now???

(Only saying this as I’m in front :wink:)

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Don’t forget to get your tips in by Thursday night!!

Just an update as we pass the halfway mark:

@Thadius and @Nickluk have been fighting out for the top spot all season, and are both still there, but there’s a bunch of posters snapping on their heels. That doesn’t include me… :rofl:

The knockout comp is down to the last 3: @Kegman, HypnoRock & Rigidfistup

There’s a reason I asked everyone to use their forum usernames!

If you 2 could please change your usernames that would be appreciated by all. If the name has already been taken, a variant with a number etc would be good. Thanks in advance!

Danger. Just suspend them from the comp. completely unbiased view of course :innocent:

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Part of the mystery solved… Rigidfistup is @Boozy!

Congratulations to @Kegman, who won our first knockout comp of this season. Well done mate!
A new comp will start this week.

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Thanks DD. Look forward to the next one

Who on earth is aegean?

With only 3 possible points left to decide this year’s winner we have @Grunt and aegean 2 points clear on 124 points, with @brendan299, @Hellboy and Rudder (who are you?!) on 122, and @Stevo on 121.
Good luck to you all.

And I forgot to post it, but congratulations to @Clover4 for taking out our second knockout comp at the end of round 19. A gold medal for the girls :grin:

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