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You know, it may not be such a bad thing.

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I’m currently living with my MIL so don’t have a lot of room to move when it comes to food, but I plan on eating less meat when we move in a week or so.

Not no meat - variety is the spice of life and you can’t make chicken schnitzel the same without chicken - and definitely not no dairy - cheese is too important to me - but certainly less. I plan on starting with 2 meat-free days a week.

My wife isn’t much a fan of it but back in Sydney I did manage to find a brand of fake chicken that I really enjoyed. I made a Korean spicy sauce to go with it and by replacing the honey with maple syrup I was able to make it vegan.

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Cheese was the hardest thing for me…I had always eaten it as a snack…get hungry…cut a big piece of cheese.

I lost so much weight by taken cheese out of the diet, along with most dairy (I still use butter in baking) I use almond and soya milk, soya is good in coffee…I’ve not had a pizza for awhile. :frowning_face:

Maple syrup…100% Canadian…that’s dear as ah? Good in the rolled oats in morning though.

Cheese is something I eat a lot of. Vegan cheese I can’t do, can’t stand the taste and the lack of variety. Blue cheese is one of my favourite foods, and cheddar is something I have a few cubes of every time I have a sugary drink (including coffee which I have with a lot of sugar) - good for keeping teeth healthy. I don’t drink a lot of milk, only in my coffee in the morning, but do cook a lot with butter.

Fortunately, I don’t need to lose weight, being pretty healthy in that regard. Regular exercise, a job that keeps me on my feet, and despite the amount of crap I eat, I balance it pretty well at most mealtimes.

I couldn’t imagine giving up pizza. Blue cheese is one of my favourite foods, but pizza is top of the chain for me. I’ve only just started to get my dough recipe right, no way am I giving it up now.

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I’m so jealous of you for the cheese, I miss making the sauce for the cauliflower.

There’s a few vege foods that I can’t stand that would make it hard for me to totally convert. Cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, eggplant, tofu. No matter how many times I try, no matter how I cook it or what I pair it with - I just can’t stand them. My cousin tried to hide mushrooms in lasagne and I took one bite and thought it was the worst lasagne I’ve ever had.

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My take is that we might sign Arrow but we wont get either Fafita or LM.

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Are they all meats or vegans or?

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I’d like to sit down and enjoy a nice medium rare rib eye with all three of them.


The sound of mowers will make you hungry


Cheapest at ALDI Canadian Maple syrup.


Number of times a colleague told me she was a vegan last month = 7
Number of times I asked = 0


Not a vegan. Love my crumb cutlets & 4 vegies, bbq cattlemans cutlets, deep sea perch grilled with butter and garlic, cheeses all washed down with a great shiraz,


Man, you are talkin. Don’t forget the gwavy!

Ive been vegan for 3 years now purely for ethical and environmental reasons, and I do sometimes miss the taste of a nice cheese or poached eggs, but my taste buds aren’t as important to me as my moral standpoint. The biggest probelm with vegans, are the loud annoying ones who carry on and on. Reminds me of this place sometimes.

I used to try and talk to people about it but I realise now that my choices are my own, and if someone wants to know more I’ll help but otherwise I couldn’t care less what other people eat.

Health and environment are great reasons to reduce your meat and dairy consumption.


Great post Rab lBart. Agree entirely. I’ve been vegan for 10 years for the same reasons. Animal welfare, environment, climate etc. Best side effects are feeling good, looking good ,great blood test results and feeling good about not contributing to the suffering of animals and the planet.


My 2cents.
I have nothing against being vegan as a lifestlye choice.
But if someone claims to be vegan cos of the animals.plight well let me put this to u.
Vegan diet kills more animals that a carnivorous one.
The farmers shoot rabbits to protect the crop.
Pesticides are sprayed and millions of insects lizards reptiles small mammals are eraticated .
To man yes.
But they are still living creatures
Or its species selection were we only protect who we want to.
So if someone changes their diet as a health benefit as I do occasionally thats fine.
But to argue that a plant base diet saves animals think again.
When I eat my steak 1 animal dies.
When u eat a salad Millions die.
This post has n9thing to do with vegan bashing but a perspective on a balanced argument of both sides.
No one is more innocent than the other.


It all comes down to balance for me.

My decision to eat less meat is an ethical one, but my tastebuds are still important to me for my own personal happiness and to find joy in life.

The ethics for me are also less about the feelings of animals, as callous as that sounds. It’s a very small part of it. If everyone reduced the amount of meat they ate, there would be less need for lots of animals in a small space, so free range would become free range. It comes down to the environmental footprint for mine.

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If people make an “ethical” choice to not eat meat does that mean they consider the rest of us unethical? I am surprised Israel has not said all carnivores are hellbound.

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