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Bunnies Dog Blog.

This is Nutmeg.

PROs: She’s a good girl. Very loving. Happy to do her own thing.

CONs: she farts REAL bad (like worse than any other dog ive known). She’s stubborn as fuck. Sheds fur nonstop. Barks at most things. She supports moanly.

INDIFFERENT: Smells EVERYTHING and walks take forever.


This is Banjo.

He was abused as a pup and was rescued when he was tied up on a light pole. He was timid at first but now is trusting and spoilt.

PROs: He’s a good boy and is very clever. He doesnt fart as bad as Nutmeg.

CONs: He is very needy.


This is Barney , an abandoned labrador who I was assured would grow up at 18months, 2 years , some have a second childhood …nup still a bonehead but such a great brewing mate


I can see he’s really putting in on the brewing effort.

I wish I could have a dog. Live in a unit unfortunately. Nice to hear the rescue stories. I’ve always said I’ll never buy from a breeder but rescue a dog from the pound when I’m in a house one day.


Na mate, he may look asleep but is waiting for the inevitable me dropping some of the spent grain which is sweet and tasty

He Hoover’s it down and then sprays his bowels all over the yard


This is Peppa.

She’s a dachshund cross cocker spaniel.

She believes everything is her business and requires her help.

Dig a hole, she’s in it, work under a car, yep she needs to get under there too.

If you want a moment to yourself forget it buddy it ain’t gonna happen.

She’s the most loyal, loving dog I’ve ever had!

I’m a sucker for dogs, just love them.


This is currently my son and our English Staffy Tyson passed out on the couch after a busy day.


Sounds like Nutmeg.

Us mere humans struggle with questions like “the meaning of life”. She has already answered it for her.


You leave anything out even on the edge of a high bench then leave the room. Gone.




This is buddy proud Souths supporter!
Pro’s-loyal,funny,heart of gold.
Con’s- farts like a demon and way too much energy hahaha.
Is my little special soul dog. Nursed me through my major back op and every slip up since. Made everything easier.


Souths should have a Dog Day round at Redfern Park when reggies and flegg play there.

Can just imagine all the dogs wearing their supporters colours.

Could supply poop bags in the colour of the opposition.


Meet Avi and Beans!

Both rescues.

Avi is about 5 or 6 and is LabxKelpie and Beans we arent sure about, but he would be about 10-11 and we think hes mostly pure bred, but probably mixed with another big breed like mastiff or something.

all they do is sleep.

and cause trouble


Ok but who’s the kid also on the couch? :wink:


Got a Siberian husky who’s just the same. If I’m down working at ground level he sticks his head under my armpit and his nose right into whatever I’m working on.


This is my 8 year old daughter best friend - Burgess! When she walks in the room the rest of us don’t get a look in. His a 3 year old blue staff, 26kg so his a big boy. His a typical staff loves human but unfortunately he hasn’t settled down his still troppo!


This is Diablo. He was a rescue and was sadly born with no legs at all. I’m told he is a special breed of hairless dog that don’t bark. He has a fairly strict dietary requirement and doesn’t eat very frequently. He’s very cuddly and will happily lay on the couch with you. We love him dearly.


Diamond python?

Reminds of another dog i know, Whiskey.

I’ll be intensively weeding the lawn, trying to get the job done.

She’ll come up and stand in front of me and i’ll say something like “not now Whisk, im busy, sorry”.

Or at least thats what i thought i said. But apparently what i said was “stick your cold dog nose right up against my face”.

Then i have to give the appropriate amount of pats and bum scratches thats she’s deemed adequete.

If not and i try to keep working…out comes the tongue.


Awww that poor dog born with no legs…

Love to see him kitted out in a hand-knitted Souths cardie.