The Other Macca

Men of League, great website, has an interesting article on the two McCarthy’s.
It has some good historical league stuff and also shows current photos of some of the old players. One of the photos is of Johnny Peard, the original Bomber. He used to deliver concrete for me when I was in the game. Can’t believe how much we’ve all aged since his heyday. Good short story from the Guru, a great winger. I loved watching him and Terry Fahey steamroll the opposition.



I see Darrel Chapman’s name there too. He was a classy player, club captain, Kangaroo and all round good guy.

He had a good career as an academic too, with the University of New England, and was the founding chairman of the NSW Academy of Sport. He had a strong presence on the north coast and they still have a Fun Run at Lismore in his honour to raise funds for Our Kids Charity, which looks to get life-saving equipment for local hospitals so kids don’t need to go elsewhere for treatment. Chapman, himself, died from cancer.

The Fun Run has three options: a half marathon, 10km run and a 4km run/walk. It is held each year in August.


I worked with John Robinson. When I left school at the end of 72 I was apprenticed to an engineering company at Kirawee and Robbo was the foreman. Great bloke he knew my name sake well, my uncle, and that put me in his good books. He would often tell footy stories. Usually when having abeer at the staff Christmas parties. He marveled that he was fortunate enough to play against Johnny Raper and Gaznier at the SCG in a match of the day. When he left Souths he played for Cronulla in the second division.

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Great man, Darrel, studied under him at what was then called Southern Cross University in Lismore in the late 80’s.
A very kind and friendly man who loved talking about his time at Souths.


Family affair back then
Wayne and Gary Stevens
Bill and Bob McCarthy
Arthur and Ray Branighan

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A bit about Bill

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I think Johnny Raper was very fortunate to live as long as he did, it seemed he didn’t mind a drink or twenty three. Early one Saturday morning in the seventies I was driving along Caringbah near the high school heading south to the coast, I looked into my rear view mirror and saw a car weaving left and right across two full lanes, nobody else on the road just the driver playing chicken with himself. He pulled up beside me, window down pissed as a newt, it was Johnny Raper, St George and Australian legend, waving and smiling like he was on a Luna Park joy ride. All we could do was smile and wave back, we couldn’t spoil his fun.