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Here we all are, at our new “home ground”, The Warren 3.0. Many thanks to @Singo for the effort in finding a new patch of turf.

So, with it being cricket season, why not continue the cricket thread from our old home…?

Nothing gladdens the heart of an Aussie cricket supporter more than beating the poms in an Ashes contest.
This series has been very interesting for all sorts of reasons…firstly, the selections for the first test…
Who would have thought that we would be seeing SMarsh and Tim Paine in the first test team?

Tim Paine has done a fantastic job behind the stumps (especially when you consider he wasn’t even keeping for Tassie)…his efforts in front of the stumps have been impressive as well…finally a 'keeper that is regularly making a contribution with the bat, something that we have lacked since Brad Haddin.
One wonders what Tim Paine’s career may have looked like had he not suffered that horrific finger injury a few years ago…he was the apparent heir to Haddin’s job, then unable to play for nearly two years.

Then SMarsh…had more starts than Phar Lap due to injury and indifferent form…he now looks like a new man and is doing a great job in the middle order.

By the third test, the selectors had another dilemma…Handscomb was clearly struggling and we needed another bowler on the Perth wicket which was becoming more “road-like” each year. MMarsh comes into the team and plays a real number 6 type innings…against tiring bowlers, takes the game away from them…
He then repeated the feat yesterday and in between played a stoic knock in Melbourne to help save the test.

As much as the Marsh boys have had their knockers, you cannot do anything but admire yesterdays achievement of becoming only the fourth pair of brothers to score a century in the same innings, in test cricket history…ironically, Australia has produced 3 of those 4 pairs of brothers…Chappell, Waugh and now Marsh.


Nothing better than giving the poms a thrashing … it is obvious Aussies love it because the crowds have been wonderful … shows to me that test cricket is far from dead … just need the right opposition and the Aussies crowds will flock to the game … all i wish for now is a resurgence in the West Indies … would love to see some competitive tests with a new age of Calypo blasters …


I gotta say it’s disappointed the Poms didn’t put up more of a fight to keep the Ashes contest interesting. Otherwise I’m enjoying the Big Bash League more these days. Just a shame the two Sydney teams have combined for only two wins from 11 starts.

It has been a wonderful Summer for us. We should wrap up a 4-0 thumping sometime today. Tim Paine has always been a talent, but injuries had always cost him dearly. I was shocked that he was recalled, but its turned out to be a masterstroke by the selectors, and he is a Rabbitohs supporter as well. As has the selections of the Marsh Brothers, no way in the world would I have chosen them, but they have been excellent. Their problem, as with most of the Batting, is performing overseas. I’m not sure they will be able to perform as well against a far superior South African attack, compared to the slower English one. Anyway lets hope so.

It has been a great Summer for me as well. I went to my first Boxing Day Test. Went to the first 2 days…88k people, the Ashes, words can’t describe it. And also been to the first 2 days in Sydney. Nothing beats an Ashes Summer, pity it ends today.

I don’t know why, but I can’t get into Twenty/20 cricket, at any level…

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i do not watch any where near as much cricket as I once did as i usually travel during the summer so i have seen very little of the The Big Bash. However, it is growing on me but from what I seen this year there are some very marginal bowlers playing …

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Yeah look I used to be in that camp too. T20 cricket was an abomination! Test Match cricket is real cricket and whatnot. I still believe that Test Match cricket is the pure version of the game but there’s room for both formats. ODI’s don’t interest me at all though. They’re just too long and the middle overs are such a bore.

Still not sure about the Marsh Bros. Today’s pitches are so flat even I could still score runs on them. SA tour will tell whether they’re genuine test players.

As an aside, I’ve enjoyed all the cricket this year. I was at Hurstville Oval and witnessed Starc’s second Shield hat trick of the game.

As for he catching? This summer has seen the worst catching skills in living memory. Sitter after sitter goes down. Not sure why.

SR, I was only thinking the same thing re: catching.

The Aussie team has batted, bowled and fielded pretty well all summer, but our catching has been very ordinary at times…we have taken some beauties, but dropped some regulation chances.
On the tour to South Africa, if we drop catches we will suffer, big time!!
Also, SA have a lot of right handed batsmen…Lyon might find things very difficult over there with the likes of AB DeVilliers and Amla loving his type of bowling. In the current series, Lyon has taken 20 wickets, but 17 of those have been lefties…

Happy New Year Cols. And yes, I think Lyon may struggle in SA. Hopefully he’ll do well.

Continued progress on NSW north coast mate. Macksville and Nambucca now bypassed. Warrell Creek before Easter. Then it’s Coffs Harbour…not in my lifetime, unfortunately. Cheers. SR.

Happy New Year to you too, mate.

Yes, the highway is becoming a joy to travel on…interestingly they didn’t have a little part of the road between Port and Kempsey finished (at Cooperabung) which caused that area to turn into a car-park on a couple of days of heavy traffic…had that not occurred, Coffs would have been the bottleneck!

Since my last post, Lyon has taken another wicket…another leftie!!! Cheers.

Meanwhile in South Africa, world #1 (India) are on tour…

First test: South Africa 286 and 130 defeated India 209 and 135, by 72 runs.

I was about to say… we should be very worried about SA at the moment.

I like all forms of the game, each requiring a different skill and mindset for each version of the game. What I don’t like is when the same players play all three types of games within the same period. It only goes to weaken or modifies aspects of the game, and also tires the body quicklu and increases the risks of injury for the players.

Test games are what they are, tests of endurance and tactics, and still the best form of cricket. But I would like them to play unlimited days like they did in the past.

ODI’s are a good concept, where you are limited in the overs and the time to complete the game. However, I am disappointed that we no longer have a tri-series for the ODI’s. At least there was at least two or three games per city for the ODI’s, thus if you could get to one game, you could get to another. But I can understand when you have two visiting teams playing each other it doesn’t bring in the crwods as much, thus not profitable for the game.

T20 games, are a slog-a-thon. Great for the spectators, and generally played within the evening, so you still have most of the day to do other things. I haven’t been to a game yet, but hopefully next season if I can clear my job list first.

As the Ashes this season, great to watch, but the Aussies are still need to polish their skills. The English team had some good players, but sadly, there were some hangeroners there which brought the rest of the team down. It was really a one sided game, but the English tried their hardest on the fourth test, which in my books were the better team that match.

Steve Smith and David Warner are both Easts supporters! Lost me straight away.

Gee, don’t know what to make of that result…a lively pitch looking at the scores or India just their normal touring selves
How many right handers in the Saffies?
Lyon had good figures against the poms but seeing the breakdown of left right it is clear he struggles to the right handers
Speaking of hands …how crass wass the hands behind the presentation the other day…?

I too attended my first boxing day test - another bucket list item ticked off!!

There were lots of Rabbitoh caps/shirts/jerseys at the first 2 days play, and also at the breakfast function that I attended at Crown on day 2. I counted more than 10 over the 2 days.
We are everywhere !!

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I think only 2 lefties in the current SA team…wicket was what you would expect, I think.
SA won the toss and batted…third day lost due to rain.

Very ordinary presentation stage!!

Bloody hell, I think I spent too much time texting today…

Should have been working ya bum😁

Candice is a Rabbit. As is her Dad and Bro. Not all bad.