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GGG vs Canelo 2
Can’t wait to see GGG in action again.

Same weekend as Haye-Bellew 2.


You would think Canelo has the advantage, especially after going 12 rounds.

Can’t wait. Thought GGG won a close but very clear decision last time. Hope he takes it out of the judges’ hands this time around. Used to like canelo but his primadona act in recent years after signing with de la Hoya and golden boy has really turned me off. Good fighter though.

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Cracking 1st fight,I expect the same in the 2nd. These 2 are warriors. A throw back to when boxers were kings! Msywether and McGregor should feel embarresed after watching that war.

Did anyone see the Gassiev vs Dorticos fight this morning? Great scrap. Gassiev looks special and Dorticos showed a ton on heart. It’s all part of the cruiserweight unification tournament going on at the moment. Super middleweight is also in the middle of a similar tournament. Great move for boxing. At the end of it those two weights will have a single, unified champion. Should do it for every division.

I thought he wouldn’t get back up after the first knock-down… let alone the second.

Yeah couldn’t believe it either. I actually yelled in surprise when Gassiev landed the first left hook that dropped Dorticos. It was an absolute peach!

My cousin is a boxing trainer and has few title fighters under his guidance. My nephew is a fighter also,goes good the worm haha.
Now watching those fight nights are awsome!
I’d rather sit through a night of that then that McGregor farce. They shamed the boxing family.

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Naughty naughty Canelo.

Yep. Very suspicious. From what I understand he failed 2 tests. The first one had levels of clenbuterol ten times the number other athletes who have been suspended had. Pretty hard to push the ‘tainted meat’ line in that case…

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Watching Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz. Wilder can punch. Any chance against Joshua and co?

Having said that, Wilder was in all sorts of trouble in the 7th. He just hung on but finished Otiz with some strong punches in the 10th. He is an ugly fighter, a brawler.

Without starting a new thread, and because punches are still landed. Have you guys been following Bobby Knuckles (Robert Whittaker) in the UFC. He i’d also a avid Bunnies supporter, and current Middleweight champion, having survived Murders Row, and also about to represent Australia in the 95kg wrestling at the Commonwealth Games

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Yes, love Whittaker. Great fighter and seems a genuinely lovely bloke. The fact he’s also a bunnies fan is no surprise :slightly_smiling_face:

His a warrior! Absolute animal of a man in the octagon.

Unfortunately he had to pull out of the comm games. The UFC gave him an ultimatum so he decided against it with his title fight coming up.

Yeah just read that. I am gutted, as i was about to buy tickets to see him wrestle.
I doubt i will see him outside Aust, so was really keen for this opportunity.

Anthony Joshua had another win recently but wasn’t a special fight - they could have lost points for lack of fight in a few early rounds.

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I will admit, I haven’t seen Martyrosian fight before.

Seen a couple of his fights. He’s reasonable, but shouldn’t cause GGG too much drama. He’s never been stopped before - I think that might change on cinco de mayo.

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