Team of the decade

The fullback seems a no-brainer, though clearly Merritt and Wesser have their fans (Merritt, being a Club favourite son I get, but clearly Rhys’s Mum voted).

For what it’s worthy, here’s my Rabbitohs team of the 2010s:

Greg Inglis
Alex Johnston
Dane Gagai
Campbell Graham
Nathan Merritt
Cody Walker
Adam Reynolds

George Burgess
Issac Luke
Tom Burgess
Sam Burgess
John Sutton
Cameron Murray

Dylan Walker
Luke Keary
Damian Cook
Ben Te’o


2014 GF team with Bully at 9



yes agree with Voidler the 2014 team, has to be the team of the decade, none of the others have brought home a GF win.

Mine personally.

  1. Greg Inglis
  2. Alex Johnston
  3. Dylan Walker
  4. Dane Gagai
  5. Nathan Merritt
  6. Cody Walker
  7. Adam Reynolds
  8. Roy Asotasi
  9. Isaac Luke
  10. Tom Burgess
  11. Sam Burgess
  12. John Sutton
  13. Cameron Murray

14. George Burgess
15. Ben Teo
16. Jason Clark
17. Damien Cook

A few in our current squad will lead the next decade.

Players who joined The Roosters are automatically deleted from the books.


Also to add to that in my opinion for fun the top 5 of the decade.

  1. Sam Burgess
  2. Greg Inglis
  3. John Sutton
  4. Adam Reynolds
  5. Nathan Merritt

I was watching our return match against the filth from 2002 the other day. I know it’s the previous decade but wow we have come along way since then.
Nearly half our team are SOO players now. Can’t help but thank Roy and Rusty for where we are now.


1.Greg Inglis
2.Nathan Merrit
3.Dylan Walker
4.Dane Gagai
5.Alex Johnston
6.Cody Walker
7.Adam Reynolds
8.George Burgess
9.Issac Luke
10.Roy Asotasi
11.John Sutton
12.Ben Te’o
13.Sam Burgess
14.Damian Cook
15.Micheal Crocker
16.Thomas Burgess
17.Cameron Murray

I think this side is pretty set stone maybe you could make an argument about Michael Crocker but that’s it

I would have Murray in for Te’o myself


A dark horse for a centre spot could also be Latrell he will definitely be there in a couple year time


Is the decade 2010-2019 or 2011-2020?

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The latter I think, raising the old debate about when a “decade” actually starts and finishes (personally I lean towards the former). In any event, I tried to limit my own selections to players who have had a significant multi-year impact at the Rabbitohs, so a year either end didn’t make much difference.


It’s really hard to go past the 2014 GF team with Bully at Hooker. You could argue Cam Murray comes in for Dave Tyrell but, that team won the comp.

Merritt was a great local junior who gave all of us hope in a period when hope was pretty rare. An all time fav Souths player especially in that game where he kicked the Field Goal in the final minute to win the game. I forget who the opposition was. Great times!!
Lote had a pretty poor year but was awesome in those Final games.

Tigers at the SCG

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Thanks!! Great victory that one.

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Yes it was, the only issue was I spent most of the game watching on a TV monitor near where I was sitting due to the fact that the action seemed about 2kms away.



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1.Greg Inglis
2.Bryson Goodwin
3.Dylan Walker
4.Campbell Graham
5.Dane Gagai
6.Cody Walker
7.Adam Reynolds
8.George Burgess
9.Damian Cook
10.Sam Burgess
11.Jayden Su’a
12.Ben Te’o
13.Cameron Murray
14.John Sutton
15.Jeff Lima
16.Angus Crichton
17.Tevita Tatola

18 Bully - doesn’t make team bc Sutton is a utility and Cookie really 80min player. Better than Lima but need a proper bench.
19 Johnson - doesn’t appear to try as hard as ones I picked ahead of him
20 McInnes - superb player and wish he was still a rabbitoh.
21 Keary - was good
22 Merritt - a bit past it in the 10’s
23 Asotasi - like Merro.

Goodwin runs on & Suttons on the bench. Yep it’s the off season.

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@TorAckmann I reckon the 2013 side was the go. A fit Michael Crocker and Roy in the side.

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