Supercoach 2021 The Warren

I started a Supercoach League for the forum if anyone wants to join the League Code to enter is:


The Warren is the League’s name.



I’m in mate,I’ve got Susie looking after me from above.
Geriatric John is my name.

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See if we both can find the form from a couple of seasons ago!

I still got the cup. :trophy: :smiley:

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May the games begin Bunny Dave.I never thought Supercoach could be so therapeutic,it’s kept my mind busy,which is so much needed at this time.:heart::green_heart:

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Funny how it’s become part of the season, I’d be disappointed if they stopped it.

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Just joined


Thanks Bunny Dave, just joined.
Good luck for the season.
Go the Rabbitohs


Can you give me a link where to join please Dave

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Just Joined


If you haven’t played before you can join up here:

If you have an account then in the top left corner click on the 3 straight lines and from the menu that appears click on Leagues.

then click the green labeled Create\Join League link.

then below the label “Join a League you were invited to” type in the number 743012 and click Join League

Hope that’s helpful. :smiley:

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Boofheads are in


12 spots left! :nerd_face:

Get this message Dave

Not Found

Could not find a league with that code.

Not sure if I have the same menu.
This is what I have
NRL Home Classic Draft


Sounds like you are in the Draft section of the Menu which is a different game. You need to be in the Classic section of the menu.

Try clicking this link. You should be able to join the league from it.

Glory Boys 2021 is in.

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Mansauce Staines are in.

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All good thanks Dave
Now I have to learn how to drive it and get my P Plates off.


Mark Nicholls FC has entered the building


Is anyone playing the version??