SuperCoach 2020

The Warren SuperCoach season 2020.

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I started a League called The Warren.

The new enter code 789152

Starting this thread for those who need help or want to simply discuss Supercoach for 2020. Once you log into the app and go to your team for the 2019 season it should give you an option to access the 2020 team picker however if you didn’t have gold for last season then you won’t be able to access it

However you can use this site to get a team draft etc

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first draft pending trials and round one TLT

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I’ve still got lock symbols on the team selection. :pensive:

I’m the same mate.

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Think their trying to get us to sign up for the stats.

No Cam?

How do I get rid of the locks ?

I have no idea, but I think it’s a Telegraph marketing ploy.

Make them second rowers

If you can’t access it, it means you weren’t a gold member last year as far as i know

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Cams price is top dollar i went for Arrow due to his price being decreased dramatically because of injury last year and reduced minutes returning from injury, I think he’ll play 80 for us next year i don’t like having two attacking forwards from the same side just because usually if one has a good game the other is a bit quiet

It’s going to be super difficult next year there’s not a lot of noticeable cheapies available and there’s something like 7 players over 700k. Teddys price is just fucken ridiculous i won’t be starting with him

I do myself in a bit because I’m inclined to pick South’s players. Cody was tremendous the first half of last season…but I stuck with him.

I’m likely to pick Masters and Gebbie as cheapies.

Lomax looks the goods at fullback for a choice.

Lomax will be a must if he starts at Fullback i’m also keeping a close eye on Mez at 400k if he plays 60+ at lock he’ll rise in price for sure. Ryan James is another must in my opinion he’ll make 150 odd k. I’m steering well clear of Cody only other half id consider is Munster who i’ll probably get in for Luai once i grab his cash. Isaako is also money if he locks down the Fullback role, kicks goals too

Isaako would have to improve on last year I took him first up.

I dumpt Angus early last year he was good when he was at Souths.

Tempted to go with Nathan Brown at lock always good for 60+ when healthy.

Seen you have done so well in the past do you try to have a reasonable team for the byes or just ditch them?

I didn’t start with Angus last year but he was punching out 60s off the bench towards the back end of last year if he starts at second row i’ll back him to increase in price. Nathan Brown is juicy i’m just suspect of his minutes considering how well Parra have recruited up front. Nah man i bye planned this year after the byes i was sitting in the top 10 i scored 1100 in round 12 with Moses my pod captain. What let me down dramatically was making the biggest mistake of not starting with Cookie if i started with him i would’ve been right there for the 50k.

However this year i don’t think i’ll play overall i might just do 10 cash comps and try my luck with those. If you only play head to head you don’t need to bye plan but if you want to play overall and try win it you’ll have to bye plan for sure. Happy to help if you want to join cash leagues and stuff it makes it super fun. I won nearly 5000$ from cash comps last year

I think if Nathans fit he’ll be there, the players and the coach seem to like him. Not big on gambling, I think if i did win it I wouldn’t turn up for the cheque… not big on putting myself out there like the previous winners. lol

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