Super Bowl 2021

NFL’s most decorated quarterback, Tom Brady, leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into battle against the game’s biggest superstar Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs

The biggest day in American sport will be broadcast live and free on Channel 7 from 10 am AEDT on Monday, February 8th and be live-streamed on 7mate.

Check below for local times.

  • 10am - Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and ACT
  • 9am - Queensland
  • 9:30am - South Australia
  • 8:30am - Northern Territory
  • 7:30am - Western Australia

Fans can catch all the pre-game news and analysis from 9.30 am AEDT on Monday, when former Geelong AFL star and Arizona Cardinals punter Ben Graham joins Cam Luke for a special Super Bowl edition of Armchair Experts on 7mate and 7plus.

Unfortunately ex Souths player Jordan Mailata didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

Video from 2018 …


I must admit that I struggle to get into NFL - seems like you’ve got to sit around for four hours to watch an hour of action. I get that it’s a very tactical game, but if I want a sport where nothing much happens in the name of strategy, give me cricket every time.


I agree I usually have it turned on and carry on with other things until something happens and then watch the replay of it.

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I’m quite keen to follow USA Football (David Beckham) if I can find out how to watch it here.

Inter Miami CF with David Beckham, Phil Neville (Head Coach) Chris Henderson (Chief Soccer Officer & Sporting Director)

I love it. I’d rather watch it that than RU or AFL or soccer. I know you are a fan of test cricket George, its the only form of cricket I can get into & I rate NFL as an equal technical game.


Yes, I’ve had others tell me that too. But I struggle with it, like an do with most American sports - too much hype and too little substance for mine. But each to their own, and I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl - it’s a big event.


I am a sucker for big events in sport. Series-deciding 7th games in baseball, AFL grand final, Super Bowl - sports I usually can’t stand, but the spectacle of the final is always good to watch.

Much like @Marty17 i’ll have it on in the background while I potter around the house, recovering from the night’s long drive.

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I love a big gig… but it is a test of patience. I’m still pistoff that the Cheeseheads didnt make it…my adopted team…so close again.



Into the third quarter this is just about the worst NFL game I can remember. Mahomes (KC) is barely noticeable, and the TB defence is so dominant.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers by the stats were the best of the NFL sides in 2020/21.

Soooooo…is Belichik a super coach…or did he coach a super player?

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So proud of my Bucs… have been a supporter since 2002, even through the Suckeneers days. Brady is crazy good, but the D was the match winner. Questionable through the year but the last 4 games they have been next level.

Great day to be part of the the BucNation