Souths Reggies & Jersey Flegg 2020 Topic

Might as well make a thread for some of the lower grades as can get a bit lost amongst the Rumours thread.


  • NEW FOR 2020
    CJ Mundine (Dragons SG Ball)
    Myden Ong (Hills Bulls)

  • 2019 SQUAD ELIGIBLE (confirmed for 2020)
    Tallis Angianga
    Luke Bain
    Josh Fepuleai
    Lachlan Gale
    Lachlan Ilias
    Iizayah Iti
    Cameron/Kamaloni Akau’ola Laula
    Peter Mamouzelos
    Aidan Manowski
    Tevita Piukana
    Luke Puru
    Brad Zampech
    Marc Zaurruni

  • 2019 SQUAD ELIGIBLE (unconfirmed for 2020)
    Zane Bijorac
    Maila Chan Foon
    Muong Dut
    Volkan Er
    Jack Frasca
    Brock Gardner
    Dan Robinson
    Augustine Stowers
    Tevita Taumoepenu

    Kane Allan
    Matt French
    Jayden Griffen
    Nic Mougios
    Kieren Mundine
    Blake Taaffe
    James Tautaiolefua


3 recent internationals still qualify for U20s


Not sure if any of them are Development Squad, Train n Trial or Reggies.

  • NEW FOR 2020
    Tristan Alvarado (Dragons reggies)
    Bronson Garlick (Bulldogs ?reggies)
    Nic Mougios (2019 Souths Flegg)
    Toby/Tobias Key (Redfern All Blacks)
    Patrice Siolo (Tigers reggies)
    Blake Taaffe (2019 Souths Flegg)
    James Tautaiolefua (2019 Souths Flegg)

    Trent Peoples

    Tarquinn Alatapi/Butler
    Yileen Gordon
    Brock Gray
    Leigh Higgins
    Levi Dodd
    Marcus Jensen
    Matt Jurd
    Blake Manowski
    Pio Nakubuwai
    Kell OBrien
    Dylan OConnor
    Lachlan Walmsley

    Lyndon Hills (Knights)
    Jack Johns (Development Squad)
    Lucky Ta’avale (Wynuum Manly midseason)

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Not 100% on all of them so feel free to correct any errors.

Updated the OP layout plus reggies added now. Any changes to the players you know about?

Mamouzelos, Zaurrini and Bijorac? Gale schoolboys?

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Ben Rogers I suspect will use the trial process like he did last year

So no formal team all the way up to round 1

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Don’t like the look of that Reggie’s team, but bolstered by the 12 not picked for 1st grade.

Scott Sorensen extended with Cronulla I believe

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Reserve Grade and U20s draw is now out

Rd01 - Mar 15 Sun 1:05/12:00 - Redf v Newtown (Ch9)/Cronulla
Rd02 - Mar 22 Sun 1:05/11:00 - Camp v Parramatta(Ch9)
Rd03 - Mar 28 Sat 3:00/12:00 - Redf v Norths /Syd Rstrs (Sun)
Rd04 - Apr 3 Fri 3:45/ 3:00 - NISC/Melb v Newcastle /Victoria (Sat)
Rd05 - Apr 12 Sun 1:05/ - Redf v Canterbury(Ch9)/BYE
Rd06 - Apr 18 Sat 12:40/10:15 - Redf/StAu v St Geo-Ill(Fox) (Sun)[U20 NRL pregame]
Rd07 - Apr 26 Sun 11:45/ 3:00 - Bruc v Mt Prtchard /Canberra [NSWC NRL pregame]
Rd08 - May 2 Sat 12:40/10:00 - Redf/Leic v Newcastle (Fox)/Canterbury [NSWC Magic Round]
Rd09 - May 10 Sun 1:05/10:00 - NSO v Norths (Ch9)
Rd10 - May 16 Sat / - v BYE /BYE
Rd11 - May 23 Sat 12:40/ - MtSm v Warriors (Fox)/BYE
Rd12 - May 31 Sun 1:05/ - Leic v Wests (Ch9)/
Rd13 - Jun 6 Sat 12:40/ - StAu v Blacktown (Fox)/ [NSWC NRL pregame]
Rd14 - Jun 13 Sat 5:15/ 3:45 - StAu v Parramatta [U20/NSWC NRL pregame]
Rd15 - Jun 20 Sat - Rep Weekend
Rd16 - Jun 27 Sat 12:40/ 1:30 - StAu v Canterbury(Fox) [U20/NSWC NRL pregame with W-NSWRL]
Rd16 - Jul 5 Sun 2:00/11:00 - Hens/Stry v Newtown /Norths
Rd17 - Jul 11 Sat 5:15/ 3:45 - WSS v Wests /Wests-Tig [NSWC NRL pregame]
Rd18 - Jul 19 Sun 1:05/11:00 - Penr v Penrith (Ch9)
Rd19 - Jul 25 Sat / - v BYE /BYE
Rd20 - Aug 2 Sun 12:45/12:00 - Woll/Layb v St Geo-Ill /Manly (Sat)
Rd21 - Aug 9 Sun 1:00/12:00 - Redf v Warriors /St Geo-Ill
Rd22 - Aug 16 Sun 1:05/10:45 - Redf v Penrith (Ch9)
Rd23 - Aug 22 Sat 3:10/ 1:45 - Gosf v Mt Prtchrd /Newcastle [U20/NSWC NRL pregame]
Rd24 - Aug 30 Sun 1:55/ 3:00 - Brok/Redf v Blacktown /Syd Rstrs


Wests vs Souths is likely to be moved to Pratten

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Is Matt French likely to be part of the Canterbury Cup squad?

Hope he is

Rumour: Tyrell Mayfield from ?north sydney bears? for flegg.

Wasn’t he the kid who everyone was chasing and then he signed for GWS or The Swans to give AFL a go?

Yes pretty sure it was the Swans, He was around 14y at the time

Brock Gray > Newtown Jets

There is talk that Shaq Mitchell is with reggies

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Is that’s how we got Latrell cheaper we are paying his brother $500k to play Reggie’s lol


Good. That’s how easts signed manu for $550. His younger brother is probably on $300k!