Souths Juniors

Been on a holiday project

I have done a first pass summary of the 2610 South Sydney Junior Representative players from 1908 to 2020

Including almost all Junior Representative grades

Presidents Cup (1910-1987)
Flegg (1961 - 1998)
Ball (1965-2020)
Matts (1970-2020)

Highlighting what year and what grade they played

Go to the Juniors area halfway down on my Players page and click on the letter

I am on the hunt for any junior programs 1977-82 from personal collections and Matts carnival programs 1970-91



@Siv amazing work.


Johnny Kannis, lead singer from The Hitmen, listed in the 1975 Jersey Flegg squad!


Get outta here, really?

That’s a name I have not heard for a long time. Ex radio birdman roadie

Yes. A mate of mine use to roadie for The Hitmen. Plus I once saw JK on Facebook telling my mate about this. Apparently there is a team photo of this side with him in it at South’s juniors.

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Here you go - he is in the Flegg photo


Thats so cool, well done Siv!
On a side note, how on earth did that 1st grade team not win the comp, never-mind barely win a game.

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If I remember rightly he even had the radio birdman symbol tattoo.

Ah yes well, I remember it well. They started the season very well and were on top of the table after a few rounds. The very first game I ever saw live, I was thrilled, was Souths v Balmain. We won 28-2. However, injuries just took over and we just could not get over the line in many games. The rot started on the day we played Easts. We played so well and had them beaten but then Ron Coote scored a try at the death. It seemed to crush the players.

Yes. He often acted as their MC at gigs.

And to continue with the showbiz angle, also in this photo is Carmen Rosiello, who a few years later appeared in drag on TV in rugby league new faces doing sweet transvestite from.the Rocky Horror Show.


sadly he passed away a few years ago Govetts.

Sorry to hear that.

That’s a good spotting. Saw the Hitmen @ The Phoenician in '78, I was wearing sunglasses as you did back then, Johnny asked me for them, put them on for 1 song & then stomped on them & broke them.
If anybody bumps into him tell the c**t he owes me a pair of shades.


He was a great front man. Very powerful presence.

They were a great band Harley, good time for Aussie pub rock. The Laughing Clowns etc. Between the horrors that were disco & 80’s new wave.

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You can ask him for your sunnies here:

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@OscarWinningRabbit it was a great era for live bands. We were even blessed with overseas acts like steppinwolf and Eric Burdon playing in our pubs. Laughing clowns were great. I have some of their music at home. I used to love Cyril B Bunter.

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