Souths Attack 2021

I will start by saying Souths have a very good coaching set up.

Secondly South’s have a forward pack with good depth, a very good rotation from the bench and will match it with any pack in the NRL. Many have been critical of the players signed and released, Arrow and Host make the pack stronger. I am hoping Amone realises that he has a second chance, when he was released noone came knocking, now back at Souths he has a chance to show he is worth having.

Having said that my concern comes when Cody and Latrell go missing /injured, Souths become very one dimensional in attack.

Souths have not had a strike centre since GI or Dylan Walker. Many thought Roberts would be that strike centre but he was found wanting.

If, and this is a big if, Moga can stay on the field he will be that strike centre and give Souths another attack focus.

I expect Moga to start the season with Gagai on the wing. Moga due to his size and speed will attract defends which will open space both inside and outside him.

We all saw the effect Suli had in attack for Manly , Moga is better.

Milne is another interesting signing, also has the size and speed but as yet has not shown alot.

Let’s remember Souths will go through a difficult period during SOO, with 5 incumbent players and then there is the possibility of Latrell being picked as well. South’s depth will be tested and South’s need to be well placed in the top 8/4 at the start of Origin.

Can’t wait for the preseason so we can see these players first hand.

Glory Glory


Repeating my self but I hope they blood the 2 young halves Illias and Taaffe as you have stated we are thin in that regard.

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Assuming we have signed Mansour, how does Moga make our starting side? One of AJ, Graham, Gagai, or Mansour would have to be dropped.

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Wishful thinking about Moga staying in the side. Paulo can play in the centres I rather him in the side the Moga

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Well yes, I wrote it before I heard about Sauce, but as yet nothing confirmed. I am not sure he is the player we need, would still like to see a strike centre, which Souths don’t really have, so i would drop Sauce, Gags to the wing. The preseason games will be interesting.

I think some of you are getting WAY ahead of yourselves.

Moga needs to go and play some reggies footy, prove that he can stay on the field longer than a month and then maybe, just maybe, he can be considered for an NRL spot.

He doesn’t get anywhere near the NRL team at full strength as it stands.


If Darghan and Hawkins are wanted by other clubs then you can get your witch.

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Is that the only way it could happen ?

Yep, otherwise post July 1st or long term injury to a half with special dispensation

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