SOUTH Sydney have given Wayne Bennett the green light to stay on as Queensland coach next year

Michael Carayannis , News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom

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SOUTH Sydney have given Wayne Bennett the green light to stay on as Queensland coach next year. Bennett took on the Maroons position at short notice but given it was at the end of the season it did not impact his role at the Rabbitohs.

The veteran mentor will lead South Sydney for the final season next year and the club remain open to him keeping his Queensland position should he want to stay on.

“Once the series is complete and the scheduling for next season is understood, we’ll sit down with Wayne to see whether he has the appetite to coach Queensland again,” Rabbitohs boss Blake Solly said. “If he does want to and Queensland want him to we can work with the board and the coaching staff to put in a plan that allows him to coach Queensland and minimise any disruption at the Rabbitohs.”

Coach-in-waiting Jason Demetriou would easily step up in Bennett’s absence.


Hopefully, Wayne repays the faith our club has given him by being so flexible and once next year is finished continues as Queensland Origin Coach and also works with us in a consultant type role overseeing football operations, culture and recruitment. Would be a perfect outcome for all parties involved.



It has to be good for recruitment as well.

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I mentioned this a month ago that the Queensland Admin won’t allow Wayne to Coach both Souths and Queensland at the same time and that JD will take over and is as we type shaping our Roster for 2021 and 2022 and beyond.

Would be great for WB to coach QLD. Doesn’t have to do full season and doesn’t have to retire.

I hope if it becomes his, he stays connected with SSFC

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I can only see good in this move and although Wayne won’t be around this club forever, he’ll only be saying great things about Souths - In the shorter term any Maroons players assessing their options will be having a hard look at South Sydney as their destination with Bennett at the club.

It also gives JD some good experience before he officially takes over - I don’t think it will affect our overall performance of the squad when Wayne is not there.


Smart move all round.

I would also think JD would continue his relationship with Bennett and players would know that link to origin

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