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Time on my hands!

I can see from another thread that some people remember ‘footy cards’. There was book written in 2008 by Daniel Pain and he listed every League footy card for the last 100 years. I thought I might start a thread listing those cards that I have, to catalog them if somebody was a collector or just interested. I have selected only the Souths cards
1st up is 1911- a postcard of the Australian team. this is interesting as it is from Herb Gilbert.


Next is 1924. There was one card Harold Horder

1925 Allen’s Sweets there were 4 Souths - I have 2 here

1925 Cain’s Sweets - there were 5 Souths- I have 2

1948 WC Douglas Fountain of Merit. Souths had 3 Churchill, Rayner and Graves. I don’t have any.

1948 Stamina - Australian touring party Souths had 4 . I have 2 here.

1950 Graphic pictures- South Sydney team - Alas
1963 Scanlens Souths had two- I have none - they are VERY expensive and VERY rare.
1964 Scanlens Souths had 4 . I manged to get two. An old lady - ‘lollypop’ at our school. She had a big collection. I sold her other cards- got $500 for for a Johnny Raper ( he went to a Saints reunion and got Raper to sign it) in exchange for these two. ( as a sidelight to another member on the forum- I sold a wrapper - identical to yours- for $185)


Thanks for posting these CB; fascinating stuff.

I’m not 100% certain, but do you recall seeing a postcard from an Australian soldier fighting overseas during the First World War, enquiring about South Sydney football club ? Just something I seem to recall being posted on one of the Rabbitoh forums years ago. Thanks in advance.

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No I have not seen that I’m sorry. Would like to see it.

1966/67. For some reason- probably because Souths were coming up and they were/are the most popular club, there was sooo much rugby league stuff that came out. The league brought a monthly mag for instance and there was also a private mag- precursor to RUGBY LEAGUE WEEK- called RUGBY LEAGUE PICTORIAL in 1968. Anyway, back to cards- The Sun and Mirror competed with each other to throw out collectable stuff, Posters hats etc.
and cards…

Mirror 1967

Mirror 1967 cards - complete.


1925 Cain’s Harold Horder.

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1963 Scanlens Barry Muir.


Thanks for that. Fills in a hole.
On to 1968. A big year in league. There was so much done. Two new rugby league magazines came out. So much stuff to buy for the supporter. There were three sets of cards. Excuse the extra cards- they are my fillers.
Scanlens Series 1 Complete

Scanlens Series 2 complete- the ones at the bottom are from 1970 Daily Mirror Sportsmen- There are 5 Souths - I have three- missing Ron Coote and Eric

Next is some stickers that you pasted in a book from the Daily Mirror- complete

Finally a supporters pack you could buy with the paper. I only have the chart

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Before their foray into footy cards in 1925 Cains Sweets released a small series of badges in 1919 with 2 Souths players- Harold Horder and Arthur Oxford.




They are wonderful. Are they your personal collection? I saw one come up for sale some time ago and it was far too expensive for me.

onto 1969 complete

  1. For some reason these cards are 3 times the price of other cards except for the 63-64. I have 4 missing -Eric,and Bobby Honan

Ah yes I remember the Samuari- even had an Iga ninja uniform!

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Wonder what my old Kung Fu cards are worth ?

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I’m not sure. The worth of cards don’t seem to follow any pattern. That ‘lollypop’ lady who gave me the Scanlens 1964 had no idea of the worth but neither did anybody else- I went to my boss and said put your hand out and put the Raper card in his hand. I said you can say you had a 1964 Raper card in your hand - he said so what. Of all the people the lady could have given them to, she gave them to me, and I gave her $5000 profit from the sales. She spent the money on getting her kid’s teeth straightened. I got some wonderful Souths cards.

Anyway i must apologize i missed a 1966 card

1970 Scanlens brought out some Mini-posters. Souths had Sattler.

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In the late 60s and early 70s the petrol companies joined in . There was a set of photos of players you could put into a book from 1971. I have them all except Ron Coote. He was the only player who did not wear a club jersey. I think it is because he had 'left 'Souths at the end of 1970. Souths would not release him and in a Mexican standoff he agreed to play for us for one more season before he got out.

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I’m afraid not, but pride of my collection is a photo of Harold Horder inscribed “Yours sincerely, Harold Horder” on the bottom.

Speaking of badges, in 1955 the Clive Churchill Testimonial Fund was set up by both the senior and junior clubs to recognise The Little Master’s contribution to the game. These badges were sold in that year as part of fundraising activities:

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They all produced car stickers too. Originals are very hard to find but a smart dude on eBay has started reproducing them.

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It is interesting- I have seen reference to a badge for sale by Souths in the early 50s programs but never seen one before. Yes the transfers are rare. They deteriorate over time unlike cards. I have only one original and you can see how it is coming apart- also one from I think, 1969 with has a hole as well. I thought I might show you a wallet from 1971.

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With the cards in 1971 Scanlens did some posters with Bob Grant and Bobby Mac. I have never sen them.

In 1972 RLW did some posters. I have seen the ads in RLW but never seen the posters. There is a team poster as well . I have seen the ad but never the poster.

1974 Scanlens

1975 Scanlens

some more 1975 Scanlens with some other one from later years mixed in to fill in the holes. Sometimes there were more than 9 cards in a set.