South Sydney 1960s

Hi Team a final bit of pre-season reading. Just finished my second pass of

The 1960s

Attached are FG / RG / 3G / Juniors team lists, scorers and a game day picture, and reps per sesson. And minor comp and tour details


Let me know if you spot something I need to correct

Now to enjoy season 2021 before I launch into the next decade

Cheers Siv


I wonder how many on this site can actually remember watching the footy in the 1960’s, last century.

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I have around 10 games on video and it was good to see how the game was being played as the rules were in flux

Be interesting to see if there is a way to go through the old Ch7, 2 or 9 archives between 62 and 69. Not sure if they ended up at the NFSA

I was at the SCG for the 68, 69 ( f… Tigers, 70 and 71 grand finals.


I do,61 and yes i remember the 60’s

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Ah a wonderful decade- started poorly but finished with two premierships out of the last three years. I just remember the very end.


I got this picture off a bloke. I have heard about it but never seen it in the flesh and I had to share it with you. It is a very rare colour photo of Souths with Don Lane from the Woman’s Weekly. I think it is 1966. I hazard a guess that it is the first colour photo of Souths as very few magazines had colour. I know there is a Weekly photo from 1967 and a Sun card from 1967 and some magazine photos from 1968.


I think 1960 RG tour photo pre dates those magazine ones


Or this little FG team gem from 1965 tour of PNG


These are great. Where did you see these?

Player Fred Jackson bought himself a leading edge colour camera back in the early 60s and went about taking some snaps or have people take a few of him

A few others buried the early 60s matches


What a great shot @Siv! I’ve never seen that one among Fred’s photos… or did you find that elsewhere?

I am open to be proven wrong but I read that Don Lane was the originator of the Fans 14 gear. His idea came from the NFL where fans were the number of the first reserve. My first jersey was a number 14 in 1967. Always loved Don Lanes support of the club but grossly disappointed when he suggested in 2000/1 that we align with Cronulla.


Yeap was indeed Don, God rest his soul.

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You are most correct. He was a great fan- but I agree he backed the wrong side in 2000. Mind you George said Souths should be in a second tier comp. and not be forced to compete with massive powerhouses like Brisbane around 1996. How times have changed!


Burma it’s still clear in my mind as it was so much a wonderful part of my childhood.
I went to 5 consecutive GF’s from 67 to 71 with my family,was 4 years old at the first one.
I grew up worshiping the players of that era,who ever would of thought I would be 51 to watch the next,but man it was worth the wait!

State Library buried

Test your era. We used to go to my mates place because he lived on the other side of the hill at Casule and got Wollongong channels. We could then watch Saturday league, I think it was ABC.
I remember Frank Hydes table and umbrella went flying across the field in a massive storm, he would be broadcasting soaked to the skin. He was real, unlike todays callers.
PS I did my coaches certificate with Ray Warren. Nowhere man. We had to attend and do all the exams, he turned up on the presentation night and got his cert 1st and f—ed off.

I turn 64 this September.

ah remember these TV shows - better than what is on now.

PS name the year???

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