Small Business Shoutout Topic

Here an idea for us Warreners. Attention mods: Could we start a thread with the intent of helping any small business owners from the Warren eg publishing their business details, website etc etc? Do I make sense? I’m sure every small business in the land needs any help they can get at this present time.


A nice idea. I like it.


What if one Bunny business competes with another Bunny business?

Room for abuse?

Privacy issues?

Good idea. as for competition , well its 1 for all and all for 1.


I reckon every small business needs help at the moment. Include everyone who needs help. I don’t think competition would be a problem. We’re spread all over the place. Thinking out loud here.


I know you have the best of intentions with the idea SR, but personally I’d be concerned that some might see it as just a chance for free advertising.

I’ll leave this one for our Admin to decide.

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So question 1, cross that off. But…

Q2. as @Moon mentioned.

Q3. Its more a reminder for people to not go overboard with sharing their details. Also look at what you share on your profile and can it be linked in any obvious way to the business details you share. Also if this is the case perhaps talk to Admin and see what happens to your details once you’ve changed them in your profile and are they able to be removed permanently in regards to any laws or metadata etc. Not lying around on a server somewhere no matter how encrypted.

We certainly don’t encourage any advertising here, but you can post about what your business does and where it’s located. If another poster can help I’d prefer if you hook up by PM though. These are strange days, and if we can help our fellow bunnies through this I’m all for it.


Hey guys i think it’s a good idea.
If I need a painter and I can find him on here I’d be keen to contact him/her and discuss work
Unless of course it is Rising Sun

Random fact but I am a meditation / mindset teacher also work in strength and conditioning predominantly in stretching and strength building.

If anyone wants to learn to meditate or needs help with some stretching or strength building they can do at home to help with any injuries or pain because they don’t have access to a gym or in lockdown more then happy to offer my services for free virtually.

Just reach out :slight_smile:


Unfortunately for my friends cafe and others in the city is that there are no patrons or enough of them.
Local businesses have a better shot at getting through this as compared to the city.
Most workers have been told to stay home and work from home.
No discount or promotion will help these businesses if there are nt any customers to take it up.
Its strange time , one I doubt many of us have experienced


I have a mate who is 92yo and it is something he has never experienced but as Willie Nelson sings you will not get over it but you will get through it.

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100% I own a fine dining restaurant in Sydney’s north and we are doing it tough. After a summer with no tourists and now this you’re doing sums on how long you can survive. We are down about 50% but some of the city restaurants are opening for nobody and I really feel for them.


I just wish our leaders could be alittlr more positive and encourage people to still go about their daily lives but be more cautious.
Of course the elderly and the young should be even more cautious.
Small businesses are suffering but the ones who will suffer as much are the workers who have had their livelihoods removed from them out of no fault of their own.

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Where you at mate I’ll try to come past next week with the missus and get some dinner. As long as it’s not Indian. You will then have a plumbing problem to worry about to include to the rest of them if it is :joy:


We have the worst run government on the planet and it doesn’t matter which side of fence you are on they are both hopeless labor and liberal.

They failed with the bush fires.
They are failing with climate change.
And now they are failing with this.

They tell the country that all there businesses have to close down, limit numbers into businesses doors, and to lock themselves inside, then tell everyone to leave there kids at school and then bash people for panic buying at shops. They are putting in all these policies and rules but giving no resolution for them except it’s to prevent the virus.

You’ll have allot more people suffering from the actions the government is putting in then this virus.


Is there some weird way that if you all bought from one another you’d keep going somehow?

Maybe even just from nervous passersby seeing you have people out front or inside enjoying themselves looking comfortable?

I dunno. Just trying to think of something, anything.

Dont wanna get political but thats a bit overboard.

My daughters dance school is struggling since the virus. She’s worried next terms enrolments will be hit pretty badly.

Based in Silverwater, North Rocks and just started at Haberfield this year. Boys and girls, does acrobatics, hipop, tap ballet jazz etc. Has a great reputation. PM me if You have any kids that may be interested and I’ll pass on contact details

Best of luck to you all
Cheers and thanks for this thread.

My daughter has a small but highly regarded catering business in the Shire. Anyone and everyone has cancelled function orders over the last week. However if anyone needs home delivered meals during self isolation etc, PM me for details. Thx all.


Wish I could help you out mate but we’re in a different part of the state. Trust you get through this tough time ok.