Sironen and Marsters extend until end of 2021

email just came in from the club.


Told ya’s!


Fantastic work by the club with Siro that’s huge!!! Manly were moving mountains for Siro.

I think Lowe will medically retire.


Siro only for 1 year isn’t the best

Better than losing him mate. Might be getting a nice top up when cap space frees up the following year.


Is it better than no years?


100% but would have liked at least 2 more years.

We may have to wait till there is some space in the salary cap to extend him further. Just be happy that he is signed for another year. That tells me that he wants to stay here in the future.


Wonder if we’ll extend Johns too
I think he has the same kind of upside, potential

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These facts need to be explained to some.

3 Hats knows about our Salary cap restraints for 2021 with Gagai and all there.

Not too hard to join the dots really.

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Great news. He will be a big part of the bench next season

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great news

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The King is Back!


MattyB missed you buddy, it’s been less entertaining without you.


How scary is our forward pack looking next season

Awesome news!

Good to know they are locked in - especially Siro. Gives us time to work out our cap for 2022 and beyond.

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Yeah I reckon that’s probably the case as well. Bayley wants to stay here and it’s probably only a matter of making sure we can offer him the money he will be worth long term. Signing on another year just proves he wants to be here ahead of offers from rival clubs for more money and there was more then one.

  1. Tom Burgess
  2. Damien Cook
  3. Junior Tatola
  4. Jaydn Su’A
  5. Cameron Murray
  6. Jai Arrow

14. Bayley Sironen
15. Liam Knight
16. Keaon Koalamatangi
17. Mark Nicholls

18th: Hame Sele
19th: Jed Cartwright

In the words of Gus Gould… Wow! Wow! Wow!


Only other reason I can think of is he didn’t want to sign beyond Bennett’s tenure, but I think it’s more likely salary cap management.
A very handy player. I’m glad reports of his departure were wrong.
See what happens with Host now Sironen is signed.

Siro might also be waiting to see if he loses his starting spot with the arrival of Arrow or loses a lot of game time .