Siro gone

Manly bound, 3 year deal. Souths tried desperately to keep him but Manly offered a lot. AJ was thus able to be kept.

Shame, I love the kid!

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Would have been great off the bench

Knew this was going to happen. The price you pay for powder puff Arrow. FMD.


I find it hard to believe Manly have much cap space to offer him huge coin!? Unless they aren’t re-signing someone like Dylan Walker etc


Dogs are trying to sign Walker I heard.

I’d trade gags and the jet for the 2014 version of him

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Agree,Manly a lot of coin?

So he will sign a new deal Souths in the coming weeks


Its a rumour folks

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They can have him. Broken and a shadow of the player he was with us

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Agreed. He was special when he was with us.

You rumour was believable until you insinuated that AJ was able to be resigned because Sirro is leaving.
I’m calling dribble


Just out of curiosity MattyB, out of your 9,876 rumours over the previous 6 months have you actually got right ?

I reckon if I made up that many rumours I would have a better strike rate then you.


And I find it hard to believe anything MattyB says. Isn’t Adam off to ESL for 3 yrs. Pleeease.


We know his hit rate is rubbish and I hope he is wrong but I started to worry when Waddell signed with Canterbury last week.

If true, that’s a shame I would rather Siro over Arrow from what I have seen over the last couple of months.


I’m sure he sits behind his keyboard pissing himself laughing at the reaction he gets on here after making up another bullshit rumour. The thing that I can’t believe though is that some people actually still believe what he says.

I reckon he should organise another Zoom meeting or another catch up at his local pub to discuss the ins and outs of our club where he will be another no show. LMAO :joy: He is playing them all.


Might be why there has also been a rumour that we are after Jacob Host from the dragons.

I didn’t even have to wait for the off season.

Just leave the Maserati in the Garage mate.
When Arrow is playing from the bench in round 1 next year I’ll own your house as well.

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With all due respect mate, I’ll await official announcement. Your track record aint great.

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