SFS End of a Era

SFS was our home ground from 1987 to 2005

Demolition works are now in full swing



The Parrot and his SCG Trust pals get their way.

Can’t wait for the next state election.


I can’t believe that the Football Stadium has only lasted the short time it has before it needs a few hundred million spent on it again.
I can remember when it was the Sydney Sports Ground


Totally agree…! The SFS joins a list of perfectly good buildings that were knocked down: Entertainment Centre, convention centre…and the Powerhouse museum…?


Might be a good thing, we had some very tough times in those years, nothing worse than when the Broncos got us on the bell,. Paul Stringer, why why why.


Even in it’s current state the playing surface looks only slightly worse than Brookvale Oval :joy:


Why the f*k would you bring that up again? I’m going to have nightmares about Tallis tonight now.


The SFS was in desperate need of a refurb. Don’t know if I would have demolished it but what’s done is done. Looking forward to the new stadium to go along with Parramatta

As far as ANZ goes… I sit on the fence on that one as I think it’s great for the big games, Origin, grand finals, etc however it’s terrible on a cold Thursday night with 8,000 people there.

Better solution would be to just leave it for the big games


Sorry mate, it was and still is the biggest bet I’ve ever had. Still having nightmares.

The Parrot is a climate change denier. That’s enough reason to vote Labor.


My understanding is that there are safety issues with the stadium, something like if there was an emergency people would be funnelled through too many crush points. Shame though, loved going to the SFS…

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Yes …the SCG trust latched onto that in case of fire or other emergency it was a death trap
So…why are they not pulling down the members and lady stands at the SCG ?
The evacuation of those stands would be a maze …
Fact is the scg trust got their way and are madly tearing it down before an election they may likely see a change of government who have said they will revisit the decision
My guess is if the government changes the compromise wil be they will rebuild the SFS ( because it has by March been destroyed ) but they will not go ahead with ANZ
The trust ,Alan Jones and the big end get what they want and the anti stadium guys get to say they won


The old fellow is looking fantastic today.

I will PML if Labor wins the election and then told the SFS/SCG Trust that they will recieve no money at all. Watching the Roosters having to play at the SCG, where the centre of the field whill be harder then the sift cushion gronds that other clubs may use.

The issue with the development is not entirely the safety issue (as it would have been designed for evacuation of people anyway - but due to the level of terrorist attacks at stadiums they are using the fear factor to push their point), but it is the lack of facilities to host other services.

The most horse racing clubs have been spending millions in building seminar/function facilities at their grounds, as they need to have additional revenue when racing events are not held, thus minimising costs and fully utilising the area that they have.

Hence too with the issue of ANZ (Stadium Australia) at Olympic Park. These stadiums (SFS and StadAus) were only originally built to host games and such, but they lay dormant approximately 80% of the time. Thus the costs to maintain these facilities are climbing higher and higher, but the revenue is not increasing at the same rate of the costs. By having additional facilites at these places will enable them to gain extra revenue to cover the costs of these facilities.

I can understand why they want to rebuild such facilites, due to the business model they need to follow. But the issue still lays with the short sightedness in building these stadiums, using the assumption of using them just to hold certain events but having the government to fund the shortfall.

What the government should be doing is loaning the funds to these Grounds Trusts, but these trusts need to be paying back principle along with interest (say 1% more then the Reserve Bank Cash rate) over a set amount of time, whether 25 years or 100 years. This will make the Trusts board more accountable to the the Government is making sure the loans are being paid, and also for the Trusts to ensure they have profitable and future proving business pans in the future.

There wouldn’t have been much of a crush if something had happened at a Roosters match :grinning:


My understanding is that any payback time would exceed 700 years WITHOUT interest.

They way they do business between the SFS and SCG, I would say perhaps even longer, especially with th cricket ground, only suited to cricket and AFL. At least SFS has three forms of footy being played there, but not enough games for the full year. One game each weekend is not good enough, the need the minimum of 3 events each weekend.

But modern football grpunds can only handle two games a weekend when its wet

Hence for the closing roof as part of the new stadium.

That’s the problem though RS.

I stated from the beginning I thought any revamp of the SFS was pointless unless a roof was put on the new stadium. Sydney needs to have a comparable stadium with Eitihad, Marvel, or whatever it is now called in Melbourne.

The fact they are building a new stadium without a roof is mind boggling IMO. The set up should be public transport friendly so that it is serviced by tram, bus etc where people alight under cover & remain that way for a match experience on inclement weather days.

People are far more likely to go to a game when they know regardless of rain, or threat of rain, they will remain dry & in comfort regardless.