Sam Burgess - Transformed South Sydney

I am just watching the interview with Sam Burgess and Mark Ellison.

A brilliant interview that encapsulates what playing and supporting Souths is all about.

Sam embraced Souths from day 1 and he went to the junior rep games. He went to Erko Oval on Tuesday and Thursday nights to watch the Under 16 and 18’s training and he trained with them.

Sam talks about how he and Sutto are positively assisting with coaching and how it has made retirement so much easier.


Is this it?


Yes. Thoroughly recommend it.


Sam and Sutto what can you say other than,we miss your playing days terribly.
You both are South Sydney through and through and we are very fortunate to have fine young men like yourselves still involved with the club.
Throw GI into that mix also!


Future Souths Coach, transition from JD to Sam down the rd, Sam will need a few years as an assistant.

Thanks for posting this Mabruzo.

What a Souths legend Sam is. I laughed when he was searching for words to express how the area of Redfern had been described to him…”I was told it was…tough”. Very diplomatic.

Sounds to me like he has aspirations to be an nrl senior coach.


In my opinion, he is the most important signing we have made.

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