Rumours, Signings & Player Movements 2020-2021

Thought it was time now with the season end approaching to get these all in one place:

Rabbitohs set to pursue Storm star Josh Addo-Carr after Joseph Suaalii talks break down


South Sydney’s pursuit of wantaway Storm winger Josh Addo-Carr has received a major boost after reports suggested that they will give up their pursuit of teenage sensation Joseph Suaalii.

Suaalii, who turned 17 last month, has been the subject of an intense tug-of-war between the Rabbitohs and Rugby Australia, with the NRL club setting aside over $500,000 per year to secure his signature.

However, talks with the Kings product have reportedly soured as Suaalii’s management pushes for a number of get-clauses with the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Sydney Roosters have emerged as a shock contender for the Australian Schoolboys representative.

With talks seemingly at in impasse, Daily Telegraph reporter Dean Ritchie has told Sky Sports Radio that the Rabbitohs’ withdrawal of interest on Suaalii will free up the necessary cash to pursue Addo-Carr, who indicated his desire to move to Sydney at the start of the year.

“That would depend on the young kid Joseph Suaalii,” Ritchie told Big Sports Breakfast.

“They have set aside 500 a year for Suaalii and at the moment, his management (Isaac Moses) are playing hard-ball with clauses as we all know.

“It’s about Souths and the clauses that Suaalii want to put on and which NRL club would accept that… I think the clauses are ridiculous for a kid who hasn’t played first grade before,

“I think South Sydney’s patience is wearing thin and I think eventually, all be it he’s under contract for next year, they might say enough is enough and let him go and pick up Josh Addo-Carr.”

The incumbent NSW and Australian winger has indicated that he would like to transition to fullback, with current Storm coach Craig Bellamy backing the move.

This serves as the major roadblock for Addo-Carr’s move to Redfern, with the 25-year-old’s good mate Latrell Mitchell locking down the position for the future.

“Addo-Carr would be comfortably at Souths but that would mean that he wouldn’t play fullback, that’s a position he wants to explore,” he added.

“It’ll come down to money for Add-Carr and whether the desire to play fullback overrides the opportunity to play with a lot of mates at Redfern because he is close to Latrell and Cody."

The club is set to secure Mitchell on a long-term deal, which could see the likes of James Roberts reportedly be on the outer due to salary cap constraints.

“He’s next year at Redfern but I think you’ll find that Souths have started talks about a two-year extension,” Ritchie said on Mitchell.

“They do have a surplus of outside backs though with Graham, Corey Allen, Braidon Burns is not playing so there’s a bit there,

“It may mean that there is a cull, which obviously needs to happen if you have a salary cap to adhere to.

“One name that is being mentioned is James Roberts…Souths will obviously deny it but if Latrell is extended and there is some big coin offered, it may mean that someone is squeezed out, that’s the world we live in with the salary cap and perhaps James Roberts is the one to miss out.”


I’ve been looking forward to a new rumours and signings thread :slight_smile:


Wonder when the club will officially announce Host.

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Souths To Extend Latrell… But It Comes At A Cost
October 7, 2020 11:52am
by Andrew Jackson
Source: [FOX SPORTS]

He has become the forgotten man given South Sydney’s recent run of form but the Rabbitohs have reportedly opened talks to extend fullback Latrell Mitchell.

Mitchell was warming his way into the No. 1 jumper and starting to really show signs of his dazzling potential before being ruled out for the rest of the year after going down injured in the 38-0 win over Parramatta.

His ball-playing skills from fullback only strengthened South Sydney’s already lethal attack and he is set to be rewarded with a two-year extension.

Mitchell is already contracted until the end of 2021 with a player option in his favour.

However, given his high profile in the game it could come at a cost to the club’s staggering depth in the outside backs.

“He’s got next year at Redfern but I think you’ll find Souths have started talks on a two-year extension” The Daily Telegraph’s Dean Ritchie said on Sky Sports’ Big Sports Breakfast .

“They do have a surplus of outside backs though. Campbell Graham’s there, Corey Allan, Braidon Burns of course is not playing.

“So it may mean there is a cull which obviously has to happen if you have a salary cap to adhere to. One name being mentioned is James Roberts.

“Souths no doubt will deny it but if Latrell is extended and there is big coin on offer, it may mean someone is squeezed out and perhaps James Roberts.”

On the surface, Mitchell signing a new deal would quash any suggestion of luring Josh Addo-Carr from Melbourne.

Addo-Carr has his sights on a No. 1 jersey, which would obviously be an issue at South Sydney given Mitchell’s rise.

However, Ritchie still said the deal could happen and that it will be determined by young prospect Joseph Suaalii.

“Well that will depend on the young kid Joseph Suaalii,” he said.

“They’ve set aside $500,000 a year for Suaalii but his management is playing hard ball with clauses.

“I think Souths’ patience, as much as they know he is a wonderful prospect, is wearing thin.”


Suaalii is contracted to us for 2021.

If he wants to leave and talk break down there is no way I’d be letting him go to the Roosters, or any other club before 2022 or you pay a shit load in compensation.


NEXT souths story

Can we have one about JD please

Where were all these stories when the roosters were extending Manu and Keary. I didn’t see any mention of having to offload players in articles about Tedesco mooted multi year multi million dollar extension either.


Can the Rorters actually talk to Suaalli now?
Or only after Nov 1st?

No - They would only allowed to talk now if we have given his camp permission to do so.

He can talk to anyone as on Nov 1.

@Bunnyone I am not surprised if they did agree to the terms. Look at the SBW T’s & C’s.
He n a way I wish he would sign with them so we can focus on JAC and our existing squad instead of playing this waiting game.

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“Souths will no doubt deny it” is another way of saying I’m probably wrong but you peasants aren’t going to find out until way down the track & you’ll have forgotten by then


Cheers Mate

OMG The Glorious Rumour’s Thread is back :joy:

In other news the media works in a very interesting way especially certain ones which have subscription-based models. They track the data of what headlines and stories work which result in acquiring people for subscription and advertisements.

I know a few people who work in media and I actually asked the question recently about why there is always so many South Sydney articles. She actually told me whilst she does not work in that department it would 100% be because the data shows that there headlines have a higher success rate of conversion to subscribers and view count for sponsors. With the media having no obligation to really tell the truth they will just drop any headline with a name which draws attention for these reasons and ultimately South Sydney is the biggest in Rugby League by a long shot. She even told me that is why they flogged Latrell’s name to death through the off season.

Names like Wayne Bennett, Latrell Mitchell, Sam Burgess, South Sydney Rabbitohs are like the top buzz words for the media to get attention. Think Google Adwords but for media.

For the people who read that I hope you understand what I am trying to say but the ones who wish to go to the end JUST DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA. It’s all for subscribers and advertises.


If Suaalii is gone i honestly wouldn’t mind a swap with him and JAC if Melb could work out a contract with JS and his dumb ass clauses

Charlie Staines has extended his contract with the Panthers till 2023. Other clubs were chasing his signature

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Ironically with the shape of our squad this year and next I don’t think the rumour thread will be as busy for us this year.


I’d actually be happy with that, means the club is in a good place recruitment wise. The next big changes will be when JD takes over.

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Every player off-contract and available to sign a contract for 2022


The 2020 season is still going and there are still an abundance of quality players on the market for 2021.

But for clubs in rebuilding phases, they might also be looking even further ahead to 2022 and the all-important November 1st date.

For those that don’t know, from the beginning of November this year clubs and players are allowed to negotiate deals for the 2022 season and beyond.

That could see the likes of Kotoni Staggs, Jahrome Hughes and Matt Dufty attracting big offers from rival clubs after standout seasons.

Read below for every player off-contract at the end of 2021.

For the 2020 off-contract list, click here .


Players off-contract: 11

Those at the struggling Brisbane outfit will be sweating on the November 1 date, with plenty of their players off-contract at the end of next year.

Kotoni Staggs, Tom Dearden and Jack Bird will all attract plenty of interest from rival NRL clubs when they are available.

Full list:

  • Jesse Arthars
  • Jack Bird
  • Xavier Coates
  • Tom Dearden
  • Tom Flegler
  • Alex Glenn
  • Anthony Milford
  • Corey Oates (1 year player option)
  • Keenan Palasia
  • Kotoni Staggs (1 year player option)
  • Jake Turpin (1 year player option)


Players off-contract: 8

Good news for the Raiders, with all their big names locked up long-term.

Hudson Young and Dunamis Lui headline a list of talent off-contract at the end of 2021.

Full list:

  • Emre Guler
  • Matt Frawley
  • Dunamis Lui
  • Harley Smith-Shields
  • Sia Soliola
  • Semi Valemei
  • Sam Williams
  • Hudson Young


Players off-contract: 15

Trent Barrett has a tough task on his hands taking over the Bulldogs, and there will likely be wholesale changes to their roster in the next 18 months.

Jake Averillo, Will Hopoate and Dylan Napa are the big names on a long list of players without deals for 2022.

Full list:

  • ​Jake Averillo
  • Dean Britt
  • Christian Crichton
  • Blake Green
  • Will Hopoate
  • Sione Katoa
  • Lachlan Lewis
  • Jeremy Marshall-Kng
  • Nick Meaney
  • Dylan Napa
  • Ofahiki Ogden
  • Jayden Okunbor
  • Chris Smith
  • Reimis Smith
  • Renouf To’omaga


Players off-contract: 12

Some huge names on big coin off-contract for the Sharks at the end of 2021 - and it could see mass changes to their roster.

Shaun Johnson, Josh Dugan, Matt Moylan and Aaron Woods are all on sizeable contracts and it will be interesting to see how things play out there.

Bronson Xerri is also off-contract, but that will all depend on his ASADA hearing.

Full list:

  • Josh Dugan
  • Mawene Hiroti
  • Shaun Johnson
  • Will Kennedy
  • Nene Macdonald
  • Billy Magoulias
  • Matt Moylan
  • Siosifa Talakai
  • Chad Townsend (2 year player option)
  • Connor Tracey
  • Aaron Woods
  • Bronson Xerri


Players off-contract: 12

While they have attracted some guns for next year, the Titans also have some big decisions to make surrounding their halves.

Jamal Fogarty and Ash Taylor are both off-contract at the end of next season and their form in 2019 has been quite strong, which could attract interest across the league.

Full list:

  • Tanah Boyd
  • Erin Clark
  • Anthony Don
  • Darius Farmer
  • Brian Kelly
  • Greg Leleisiuao
  • Tyrone Peachey
  • Jonus Pearson
  • Kevin Proctor
  • Mitch Rein
  • Ash Taylor
  • Jai Whitbread


Players off-contract: 12

While the Trbojevic brothers and Daly Cherry-Evans are locked up for a while, Manly have some high-quality players about to hit the open market.

Dylan Walker, Curtis Sironen and Brad Parker are all without deals for 2022 and beyond and could find themselves linked with some other NRL clubs.

Full list:

  • Morgan Boyle
  • Lachlan Croker
  • Manase Fainu*
  • Tevita Funa
  • Reuben Garrick
  • Jack Gosiewski
  • Haumole Olakau’atau
  • Brad Parker
  • Toafofoa Sipley
  • Curtis Sironen
  • Jorge Taufua
  • Dylan Walker

*Fainu is stood down under the NRL’s no-fault stand-down policy.


Players off-contract: 10

Plenty of the Storm’s recruitment and retention will revolve around the future of Cameron Smith, which could have a major impact on the likes of Brandon Smith and Harry Grant.

But they will also need to re-sign the likes of Dale Finucane and Jahrome Hughes, who come off-contract at the end of next year.

Full list:

  • Josh Addo-Carr*
  • Dale Finucane
  • Jahrome Hughes
  • Nicho Hynes
  • Ryley Jacks
  • Felise Kaufusi (1 year player option)
  • Brenko Lee
  • Aaron Pene
  • Darryn Schonig

*Addo-Carr is expected to return to Sydney next year, with the Storm seeking compensation for letting him go early.


Players off-contract: 10

The main man in Kalyn Ponga might be signed long-term, but there are still plenty of the Knights key players who will need to be evaluated.

Halves Mitchell Pearce and Kurt Mann, as well as back-rowers Lachlan Fitzgibbon and Sione Mata’utia, are off-contract at the end of 2021.

Full list:

  • Phoenix Crossland
  • Lachlan Fitzgibbon
  • Tex Hoy
  • Hymel Hunt
  • Edrick Lee
  • Kurt Mann
  • Sione Mata’utia
  • Mitchell Pearce
  • Starford To’a
  • Enari Tuala


Players off-contract: 10

2020 has been a wild year for the Warriors - but the good news is they don’t have to worry about skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck going anywhere for a while.

That being said, key forwards Tohu Harris and Jazz Tevaga are without deals for 2022 and beyond and could certainly attract interest from rival NRL sides.

Full list:

  • Bunty Afoa
  • Leeson Ah Mau
  • Josh Curran
  • Jackson Frei
  • Tohu Harris
  • Karl Lawton
  • Kodi Nikorima (1 year player option)
  • Hayze Perham
  • Adam Pompey
  • Jazz Tevaga


Players off-contract: 9

Jason Taumalolo has barely started his 10-year deal, while the likes of Valentine Holmes and Kyle Feldt are locked in for quite some time.

But their halves in Scott Drinkwater and Jake Clifford are off-contract at the end of next season, and could certainly be sounded out from November 1 from clubs on the hunt for playmakers.

Full list:

  • Jake Clifford
  • Scott Drinwkater
  • Jake Granville
  • Corey Jensen
  • Connelly Lemuelu
  • Francis Molo
  • Justin O’Neill
  • Tukimihia Simpkins
  • Murray Taulagi


Players off-contract: 10

They are regarded as two of the elite wingers in the NRL - but both Blake Ferguson and Maika Sivo are off-contract at the end of 2021.

Add to that the likes of Nathan Brown, Ryan Matterson and Mitchell Moses, and the Eels recruitment team will have their hands full over the next six months.

Full list:

  • Daniel Alvaro
  • Nathan Brown
  • Haze Dunster
  • Blake Ferguson
  • Samuel Hughes
  • Michael Jennings (1 year player option)
  • Ryan Matterson (1 year player option)
  • Mitchell Moses (1 year player option)
  • Jordan Rankin
  • Maika Sivo


Players off-contract: 12

With team success comes interest in certain individuals - and that will be a huge battle for the Panthers in the coming months.

Stephen Crichton, Spencer Leniu and Jarome Luai are some of the best young talents in the game, and could be chased by plenty of clubs.

But the big one according to many in the game is young half Matt Burton, who has struggled for game time this year and has been linked with a move to the Bulldogs.

Full list:

  • Matt Burton
  • Kurt Capewell
  • Stephen Crichton
  • Jack Hetherington
  • Mitch Kenny
  • Spencer Leniu
  • Jarome Luai
  • Josh Mansour
  • Brent Naden
  • Zane Tetevano (1 year club option)
  • Dean Whare (1 year mutual option)
  • Isaah Yeo


Players off-contract: 11

If you go through the list of players off-contract at the Red V at the end of next season, two names stand out - Cameron McInnes and Matt Dufty.

Both have had tremendous years despite being stuck in an underperforming side, and could be lined up by plenty of clubs.

Corey Norman is a player who has come under fire recently, and his deal expires at the end of 2021. That could actually be a good thing for the Dragons.

Full list:

  • Eddie Blacker
  • Billy Brittain
  • Matt Dufty
  • Tyrell Fuimaono
  • Cameron McInnes
  • Trent Merrin
  • Corey Norman
  • Jordan Pereira
  • Korbin Sims
  • Paul Vaughan (1 year player option)
  • Brayden Wiliame


Players off-contract: 15

Latrell Mitchell was the name on everyone’s lips coming into the season, with his switch from the Roosters to the Rabbitohs dominating headlines.

And the superstar fullback is again off-contract at the end of 2021, which could see plenty of clubs lining up for him.

Adam Reynolds, Dane Gagai and James Roberts are also without deals from the end of next season.

Full list:

  • Corey Allan
  • Braidon Burns
  • Josh Cook
  • Troy Dargan
  • Dane Gagai
  • Dean Hawkins
  • Keaon Kolomatangi
  • Ethan Lowe
  • Patrick Mago
  • Latrell Mitchell
  • Mark Nicholls
  • Adam Reynolds
  • James Roberts
  • Jaydn Su’a
  • Tevita Tatola


Players off-contract: 11

Similarly to Penrith’s situation, the Roosters may be forced to pay for their ongoing success at the end of 2021.

Angus Crichton, James Tedesco and Sitili Tupouniua are all without deals for 2022, but it is expected that the superstar fullback will re-sign.

Crichton on the other hand will have to take a pay-cut to stay at Bondi, which could open up a bidding war across the league.

Full list:

  • Fletcher Baker
  • Egan Butcher
  • Angus Crichton
  • Kyle Flanagan
  • Isaac Liu
  • Billy Smith
  • James Tedesco
  • Christian Tuipolotu
  • Daniel Tupou
  • Sitili Tupouniua
  • Sam Verrills


Players off-contract: 11

Plenty has been made about the state of the Tigers salary cap, and while another 12 months with some underperforming players on big money, it will finish at the end of 2021.

Josh Reynolds, Russell Packer and Joey Leilua are all off-contract at the end of next season, and it would be hard to see the Tigers retaining any of them.

Full list:

  • Josh Aloiai
  • Shawn Blore
  • Michael Chee-Kam
  • Joey Leilua (1 year club option)
  • Jacob Liddle
  • Thomas Mikaele
  • Zane Musgrove
  • David Nofoaluma
  • Russell Packer
  • Josh Reynolds
  • Billy Walters

Heard a rumour that Ky Rodwell is being chased by Tigers and Sharks. I have only seen him play a couple of times but respect others high opinion of him. I always like to retain all promising juniors but with the forward depth we currently have it makes sense if Ky seeks opportunities elsewhere.

Has anyone else heard anything and when is he off contract. Shame if he does go.

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