Rumour: Taupau - Su'A Swap in effect from RD 5 Souths Manly Agreement

I highly doubt it…Could Souths and Manly agree on anything?

What day is it?


Not a swap I’d want.
Sure we have some depth, but does Marty offer us anything really?

April fool?


This would have to be an April fools joke.


His form has dropped off imo.

like this:

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Haha as if Su’A would leave top 4 club in Souths to join a like club like Manly who are in shambles, effective immediately. Penrith will put 40 on them tonight.

April fools indeed.


Haha I actually picked the margin in the Manly vs Panthers Game.

Who writes this rubbish?

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it was written on April fools day

Let him catch up. He’s a bit behind.

I’m surprised you didn’t get the mail

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Yeh he is the one that Rusty and Packer ask for advice on how to run the club. Pretty sure he also wrote the victory song.