'Rugby league saved my life': Badger bows out with message of hope

Proud indigenous man, Gavin Badger, in a career that has spanned 18 seasons, 354 games as a referee and a further 57 as a touch judge.
After revealing publicly his childhood sexual abuse in January this year he now finds himself overlooked to referee in 2021 and beyond.
What a disgrace!


I’ve had a fair bit to do with Badge over the years and a bigger footy fan you would not meet.

Passionate about his culture and his sport.

He is as fit as any rugby league player on the field this weekend and it’s a shame he has got the chop, but he will kick on in what ever he chooses to do now.

I am not sure his sexual abuse revelation had anything to do with his sacking, but maybe it was just the way you wrote it in your initial post. I am sure it didn’t.

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I’ve always rated Badger as a ref.

South’s should sign him to help us with the rules at training and for challenging bullshit referee decisions. Referees will not want to fuck up then against Souths when they know Badger is watching there every move.


Gavin Badger apparently is going into a role with the NRL.


No, not linking those two things but just trying to give a bit of context to the man.
Plus, he seems to have not gone willingly which is a concern, especially with refs like Klein and Atkins still contracted.


I like this idea. It would be an edge over other teams. I’m sure NRL teams regularly have refs attend training sessions, but a regular role would be good.
Not sure WB would be a fan of this approach.


The fact a ref like Badger has been moved on while imbeciles like Ashley Klein and Jarrod Maxwell still have roles speaks volumes about the state of referees under that hoax Annesley. I’ve had info from someone who was regularly in the bunker and the self-interest, blame-shifting and basic incompetence in that area is beyond belief.


The Roosters already have an ex ref on their roster.

Chris James.

Has been for a few years.

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The Roosters have Chris James on their roster, and have done for some years.

I can give you the tip, refs wouldn’t give a flying fuck if Badger, or anyone else for that matter from a club was watching them.

What would Badger do? Tell them off? LOL

The Sutton brothers are the only people that should be moved on from the nrl. Have been the issue for a few years now. Hope the badger goes well in his new role.


I heard Badger on 2SM Sydney this afternoon talking about his life and career.
The hosts asked him who his favourite team was, he answered “my family was split down the middle. It was either Balmain or Souths, I went for Souths”.


Heard that interview. Papworth ask him did he favour Souths in any of his matches. What a dumb question to ask. If he was going to say yes all the time.

Yes, a pretty dumb question, probably tongue in cheek though.

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This story should be on the BACK page of the Telegraph tomorrow. Not a half ass story about Mitchell Pearce supposed flirty text message to a staffer.

Badge is one of the genuine good guys, & supporting a worthy cause.