Round 7: Storm vs Warriors -- Live Scores & Discussion

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This match is due to kick-off in 60 minutes!

Nice seat tonight.


Go you Warriors

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Bailey Sironen starting at halfback for the warriors :grinning:

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He’ll go OK too I reckon.
He’s a talented player. He’s either a HUGE Half or an incredibly talented 2nd Rower.
That’s his real problem, he can’t discover his position. I think he’s too small for a 2nd Rower.

Storm will romp this - A handful of players are out for the Warriors including arguably their best player Tohu Harris and RTS is on the wing.

Didn’t look that bad here. What’s the opinion?

Bad bunker decision there. A head clash but ruled shoulder charge!

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Absolute bs goes on in Melbourne with officiating way too often. A bloody head clash is bin worthy wow.

How the fuck does the bunker get shit like that wrong.


Vlandys telling referees to use the sin bin more was always going to lead to this. The referees have gone stupid with the sin bins.

That wasn’t even a penalty.

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He dropped the ball better sin bin the opposition.

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Fuck me
Jerome Hughes has had more try assists in 30 minutes than Reynolds has in 30 games

And he is a manufactured half back


2 years ago he could barely make the team. One of the most improved players in the comp

If people want to get excited about a young kid coming through, look no further than Reese Walsh. Star in the making.

How a bloke like Nico Hines and even Brandon Smith haven’t been snapped up by other clubs is a miracle.

We keep hearing how great they are at bringing players through but FMD they seem to be able to keep them in the lower grades a lot longer than other clubs.


Same as easts. Rarely do fringe players there seem to leave for opportunities elsewhere.

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With Melbourne and the Roosters it’s probably easier for them not having juniors.
They just go and grab who they want and have the money and resources to do it.

We seemed obliged to give our Juniors more time to make the cut and sentiment can come into.

Roosters are cut throat. They just piss players off .


100%. And you can’t blame those clubs when the salary cap is set up like it is. It just rewards cashed up clubs who like to leech off the game and contribute nothing in return.

Rewarding junior development needs a MASSIVE overhaul. I’d start with a far greater discount for junior and long term players. Others on here know far more about junior leagues than I do, but if you look at most of the struggling clubs, I think they actually have pretty strong junior leagues. They just can’t hold on to players.

Incentivizing clubs to develop players and coaches at the grass roots level should be a priority.


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