Round 7: Sharks vs Bulldogs -- Live Scores & Discussion

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This match is due to kick-off in 60 minutes!

Gee Josh Dugan is a reserve grader these days.

12-0 after 12. Happy for Canterbury.

Ha , I would not get excited. Some team was ahead 24-6 at half time and got run down. Imagine being ahead by 18 points at half time.

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And off to rugby - god knows what they see in him

Yeah, but Cronulla don’t have our attack. They need it now 18 behind.

That sin bin is a sad day for Rugby League

This f&@kwit last week hung Latrell out to dry by repeating his high tackle and kick out on Garner every few minutes. He acted as judge jury executioner throughout the game and often said he is in trouble and it looked bad. Tonight he has questioned the sin bin and is unsure about the shoulder charge by talakai.


Blatant shoulder charge which connected with the head of the Bulldogs player as he didn’t even attempt to use his arms. Bulldogs player concussed so hopefully Talakai gets a decent spell on the sidelines

My thoughts exactly Pabs. But I reckon if Siosifa had done the same wearing our colours he would be going with last week’s narrative :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Great tackle Corey Allan.

These commentators seem to think it’s Cronulla’s divine right to win.

I think they will refer Talakai straight to the Judiciary.

First time the 18th man has been activated

Flanagan is shite. More and more evidence exposed each week as to why the chooks let him go.

I’ve made a decision. I can’t stand listening to Dan insane Ginnane


I can’t warm to him at all.

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Chad Townsend is the master of the letdown

Fox just showed the Sharks next 5 games including Storm, Panthers, Souths, Dragons and Titans.

Going to be a rough 6 weeks for them especially if they lose tonight.

If they play like they have tonight they’ll be pumped by 30+ in multiple games