Round 7: Panthers vs Knights – Live Scores & Discussion

I think the Knights are in for a loooong night

Panthers 4 - 0

Surely Kikau should be off for a HIA…


Sutton giving Penrith 6 agains freely yet none for Newcastle yet. Penrith are rarely square in the markers in defence but not noticed!!


How forward was the pass?

Penriff are on another level than this Knights side.

This is gonna get very ugly.
The Knights are all dressed up for war but forgot their horses.

It wasn’t forward

I’ve seem Jerome Luai twice push a knights player in the face tonight with force already. I Wonder if the match review committee will give him 4 weeks LOL


Jeez. Great run

Kikau hit Mann high on that try. Will be nothing to see though

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Kilau lazy arm out with intent hit Mann in the face.

4 weeks there right guys?

If Latrell did that it would be.


Don’t forget the bulging disc for CNK…good fend on Edwards there

Of course not and so it shouldn’t be.

But it’s bullshit that if it was someone like Latrell did it the commentary team would be crying murder and he would get in trouble for it.


Think of the integrity of the game. Pearls must be clutched

Clearly giving lovebites.

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Pretty good game this - both teams playing really well. Newy are giving it to the Pennies, though you’d think the Panthers will have the little extra class late in the game to get the win.

Gerard Sutton loves Penrith letting them get away with murder tackling players in the air and off the ball on kick chase.

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Jeez Penrith switch the point of attack effortlessly and in a heartbeat…

Anyone reckon the way Luai jumps on his players after they score a try will injure one of them one day?

Knights are gritty but offer fuck all. Can’t wait for us to take on Penrith and break them.