Round 7: Eels vs Broncos -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 60 minutes!

What a terrible start by Coates.

What moron decided it was a good idea to play a game of NRL in Darwin in April?

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How shit is Croft. He’s fucking useless in all aspects.

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Yep, bloody tough conditions to play NRL. You would think these teams may struggle next week.

So bad. Croft is terrible.

Bryce Cartwright ripping The Broncos to shreds.

Funny what a change of scenery can do for some players. Including our young mate Benji.

The Broncos started well in this game but have fallen apart. Gonna be a long season for them

We played ordinary against them too but still won with a big score.

If Parra win this by 37 pts they go ahead of us.My Eel loving wife hasn’t shut up reminding me!

Faaaark. The panel post-game is Corey Parker, Braith Anasta, James Graham, and Cooper Cronk.

Is this really the best that they can do?


@Saithis I like listening to Corey Parker and Braith. They both have good football minds. The other two…well.

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