Round 6: Broncos vs Panthers -- Live Scores & Discussion

Please use this topic to share anything related to this fixture such as team lineups or changes, pre-match thoughts/predictions, live scores updates and post-match comments.

This match is due to kick-off in 60 minutes!

The all time NRL winning margin could be in jeopardy here.

Panthers by 70.

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Brodie Croft reckons they are close. Panfers by 50

Karmichael (or however it’s spelled) is an interesting one. I remember him talking about not even liking to watch footy when he started with the Drongos. He was an NBA fan. He obviously jumped as soon as he could, AFL and Rugby. He now wants to coach NRL? JFC lol. He should do stand up.

Fifty to donut is what this will be.

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Although the Panthers are our main challengers so far, i still want them to put on a score against the Broncos.

Always nice to see them get smashed

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Kevvie has rubbed off on his players to get them motivated. #DoingWhateverItTakes #TakingOneForTheTeam

So a clear dive from Issacko.

Can see why Oates has been in reserves

11 minutes into the game for their first try. Slow start for the Panthers…!

Refs eh? How do they miss that


Broncos forwards have been on top so far.

What’s going on?

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Panfers blew that - not on the pace tonight

This is the best I’ve seen the Broncos play since they beat us in the game before the covid break.

Can they keep it up though?

Does Flanno like a system?

Brisbane on top, especially in the forwards. Haas and Pangai showing the way.

That was impressive.

Broncos in front.


I wouldn’t have minded if Bullemor signed with us. We were so close to securing him mid last year.

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LAZY MARKER DEFENSE :woman_facepalming:t2:

Donks going well and Penruff a bit iffy through the guts, but the Donks aren’t noted for their second half efforts.