Round 5: Rabbitohs vs Broncos

The Rabbitohs have started the season pretty well, leaking a few points early against Melbourne but since have been very strong. Dealing with the lowly teams comfortably and bashing Easts in our next top side showdown. On the back of a three game win streak we’ve seen Cody, Latrell, Cook, Reynolds and Benji at their best but not yet altogether. The Rabbitohs are a ticking time bomb about to put 50+ on some poor team.

That will probably have to wait with Cody suspended. It will be important how we cover his loss, I’m sure Benji will be a very good 5/8th, but Cody is the one who has a strong combination with all of our key players and is usually there to capitalise on half opportunities. This part of Cody’s game has to be compensated by the rest of the spine, notably Latrell Mitchell.

The Broncos have a 1-3 record, only beating the Dogs in one of the worst games I’ve ever watched. They’re very unstable and erratic but to their credit, can play some decent footy at times but it rarely lasts.

The spine has been pretty woeful for most of the season, searching for answers and not playing footy. Defence is still a major worry, as is mental resolve but they have some quality kids in the roster. Look at last week where they went with the Storm until Papenhuyzen exploded.

Where it will be won
Similar to last week, big lapses from the Broncos will likely lead to points and it’s up to Souths to put them to the sword in these periods, take the game away from them and kill their brittle resolve.

Kevvie has selected TPJ to play lock signifying that he wants them to start fast, and I think they will, with 3 big boppers starting. This will be a good test to our own ability to start fast.

I think the game will start reasonably close, but Souths will start to prove their class by the first quarter and run away with it in the end. Rabbitohs win 13+

Little shout out to Dean Hawkins, making his debut off the bench.


Could be close the first half hour, but hit them where they’ve been weak for an eternity, right through the guts where their non tackling forwards live.

Souths by plenty.


Cook, Murray and Arrow will probably take the game away from them in that period before half time.

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If we turn up to play, this one could get really ugly for the Broncos. Just need to be resilient like last week and the flood gates will open.

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Good write up SSJRabbit - short and sweet, which is probably all this match deserves.

No Cody takes away one of our big attacking guns, but we should still have far too much class for this Donkeys team, probably the worst side Bris-Vegas have ever put on the field. They are at least showing a little more fight this year compared to last (they kept up with the Drizzle for a time last week, for example), but in the final analysis they have brittle defence and they don’t have many points in them.

I expect it will be close for the first half, before we run away with it in the last half hour.

Mighty Rabbitohs by 24.

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Last game V Storm the Donkeys played good for about 15 minutes then they were carved up through the middle. Cook should have a field day here.

Good write up and a tricky game for us as we don’t have the points in us without Walker . Cook will be marked out of the game after last week so it falls on Benji to do the big plays .


Thanks SSJ, enjoyed the write up and I agree with you and the other posters in analysing the match. I think that we hold strong early with zero mistakes and work their forwards around the park. Opportunities to open them up should appear off that type of play and we certainly have the quality of players to take advantage from there on. Souths by +20.


Another easy 2 points here and this should be locked up well before the 60 minute mark.

The Broncos are putrid.

We don’t have points in us without Walker? Says who?

The Broncos can barely tie up their laces let alone mark Cook if we get a roll on. Cookie is the best flat track bully in the comp. He could run riot against this poor excuse for a footy team.

well written mate

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Does anyone else have concerns about Benji lasting 80m? I guess we will find out how good Hawkins is in the 2nd half.

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He will get 10-12 breathers when we are kicking goals after scoring tries.


Good write up SSJ!

Like all we should win comfortably tonight, Brisbane have given us a fair few beatings with there QLD origin sides over the years so if we put 50 on them I would be very pleased.

I hope Hawkins gets a good run tonight, not just the last 5 minutes, would like to see him show us all his skills playing with a very good South Sydney first grade side.

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