Round 19: Rabbitohs vs Warriors -- The Boys Across The Ditch

Last Week

Well like we say often as South Sydney supporters we took the two points and ran for it. The Bulldogs have a reputation of having a dig against our men and last week was no different. They came out with a lot of intent playing with aggressive defence and also scoring 24 points on us. I think they could’ve got away with it if Lachlan Lewis didn’t perform one of the biggest brain explosions of the year in throwing Cody Walker to the ground after halftime resulting in a 10 minute sin bin for the Canterbury Half.

Of course we ended up getting the chocolates by the end of the night. I thought even though it was against the last placed doggies it was still a gritty performance from our boys with Campbell Graham and Liam Knight having to come off for the whole game with HIAs at the start of the match and also the try scoring freak Alex Johnston coming off at the start of the second half with hamstring issues which is a big worry for our future lineups and in my opinion will be a big loss for the team. We also had Damian Cook, Cameron Murray and Dane Gagai backing up from origin and I think they got more minutes then they expected from these difficulties.

Of course we can’t end last weeks recap without talking about the man the myth the legend Mark “The Goat” Nicholls. Playing his 100th game against the dogs and boy how good was he. Running 190 metres and snatching a meat pie off Jacob Host in the final minutes of the game. It was a joy to watch the boys celebrate after that try. And right after let’s not forget Big Tommy’s Budgy Smugglers advertisement for Garlo’s Pies “Big on Meat” it was bloody hilarious.

Overall it was a solid performance for the circumstances. Old mate Wayne is an expert at timing his runs and won’t be fussed about our performance.

This Week

Our opponents this week are the boys across the ditch, The New Zealand Warriors. On Sunday against the Panthers they where on a roll in the first 20 so minutes. Putting 10 points on the boys from Penrith and harshly denied a try from a forward pass which in my opinion was a flat ball at best. They were also harshly blown away with injuries with Tohu Harris now expected to be out for the season with an ACL, RTS coming off for the whole game with a HIA and also Rocco Berry and Wayde Egan having to come off for injuries. The whole second half they played with no bench and still played with a lot of heart but at the end of the day they just simply weren’t good enough for the circumstances they where in and Penrith Panthers ended up getting the chocolates.

Our mighty boys don’t usually seem to have to much trouble beating the boys across the ditch. Winning the last 4 games against them including last year when we beat them in a thrashing with the ending score being 40-12. However this was round 5 of last year and both teams are quite different since the last meeting.

The Warriors are an odd team. One day they can be world beaters the next they can’t even beat a paper bag in a fight. This isn’t a game to take lightly of course they have a few danger men for our club. The teen sensation Reece Walsh being one of them with his excellent skill and speed he could be a worry as well as Former South Sydney junior AFB. He was an absolute beast on Sunday and our big men need to aim up in taking him down or we could be in for a big day. They also have big bench which could trouble us.

Looking at our team we got some big inclusions and some interesting inclusions as well. The prince of Redfern Latrell Mitchell will be returning as well as Jai Arrow which will be handy for our rotation of forwards coming off the bench. We see the return of the mansauce Josh Mansour since round 11 and Jaxson Paulo since round 8 on there retrospective wings. I’m expecting big games from these two finally getting opportunities back into first grade. We also have a strange choice of Taane Milne on the bench which I expect to make an impact late in the game as well as being there as an emergency fill in for any injuries in the backline.

What do we need to do to win. Just play simple footy. We need to tire them out as they have a lot of big boys. Our defence needs to aim up as it was a bit poor against Bulldogs last week. We also need to execute our opportunities as we bombed a few tries last week and those bombed tries led to change of momentum. Thats when we struggled a lot. Simply just be patient,execute and hold on to the ball and we got this in the bag

I’m tipping our mighty bunnies by 20

Let me know how I did as this is my first time doing this sort of stuff. Hopefully you fellow warreners liked it.

SSTID :heart::green_heart:

In the name of the Mark and of the Nicholls and of the holy Goat Amen :pray:t3::goat:


Great job Tyler.

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You did well tyler, very good in fact.

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Good job mate. We always seem to struggle against the Warriors in the day time. Souths by 2

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AFB needs three quick men on him to shut down the momentum.


Great job mate. Really enjoyed the read.

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Well done young fella!

I quite liked reading through that & you didn’t muck around posting that once the teams were named.

Good stuff.


Great stuff mate.

I think Milne is actually a pretty good bench player in that he has played as an edge forward , centre and is making a real fist of it on the wing.

I personally have him in the team but I understand the reasoning.

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Good write up Tyler!
Tough game this one, I don’t think we are in good form & we are susceptible to an ambush.

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Great write up Tyler, and I largely agree with your prognostications.

Our soft run through the Origin period continues - this is our sixth straight game against one of the lesser sides. We’ve really had the wood on the Warriors for many years now, and they’ve only beaten us once in the last decade. They are, as always, an enigmatic team that is capable of an ambush, but they really look like they are done for this season, and we should win comfortably.

Mighty Rabbitohs by 20.

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Good write up mate.

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Thanks Tyler, love that write up and appreciate your well constructed thoughts on this match.

As noted by George, we do have a long winning run against the worriers and this should continue in this match. Their strength is in the forwards, you mentioned AFB but also Lodge is a big tough unit and will cause pain if allowed to. I would like to see Arrow on the field early against these two as he is very good at aiming up against big forwards. Provided we can break even in the forwards, we should be too strong out wide with Lats chiming in off Cody. Us by 14 I think.


enjoyed the read especially the ending, lol, well done TB

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Good write up and analysis. One thing to note about the Warriors is they have high completion rates so our defence has to be up for it.

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Good write up Tyler, the bit about AFB being a Souths junior is sort of painful to remember…just goes to show that you never know where some of these will end up career wise but he’s definitely one that got away.
On the Warriors it’s a bit of a lottery as to which team will turn up on the day. We should have too much ammo but taking them lightly would be a mistake.


One of the best write ups this season well done.

I can’t disagree with any of it. Warriors have been unlucky this year, we gotta watch it.


Nice write up mate. Surely Milne comes in for Paulo? Surely. Paulo and Mansour in the same team gives the Warriors a sniff but then again they’re without Return To Sender so we should get across the line.

Souths by 4

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Good write up.

I’d just like to mention that a win this week puts us on 32 points, and 8th place will be on 18. Depending on how the Dragons go against the Titans, we’ll be guaranteed top 7, and possibly top 6, with a win.


Good write up Tyler

I think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Tohu Harris out injured will be a big loss for them as they have been in form.

Gee we need to improve on last week another lucky escape.

Latrell and Arrow will be big ins for Souths, but our defence on our line has been paper thin with the limited chances Canterbury had.

Souths should win but in another close game, unless we play for 80 minutes, then we might put on a score.

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