Round 19: Rabbitohs Team vs Bulldogs

1. Corey Allan
2. Alex Johnston
3. Campbell Graham
4. Steven Marsters
5. Jaxson Paulo
6. Cody Walker
7. Adam Reynolds ©
8. Liam Knight
9. Damien Cook
10. Thomas Burgess
11. Jaydn Su’A
12. Bayley Sironen
13. Cameron Murray
14. Mark Nicholls
15. Jed Cartwright
16. Hame Sele
17. Keaon Koloamatangi
18. Junior Tatola
19. Patrick Mago
20. Troy Dargan
21. Cory Denniss

Looks like he is giving Tatola an extra week to recover.

Best team and bench we have at the moment with Mago dropping down the list now Sele is back.


Good to see Hame back on the bench.

Will be good to see him and Keaon go together. Very similar games. Hope Hame and Keaon continue their impressive PCM stats.

Hope Jed gets a go at 2nd Row this week instead of at Centre.

  • Hame Sele will add some punch in the middle.
  • Patrick Mago deserves to be dropped needs some improvement.
  • If Junior Tatola is ready I feel he will come in for Jed Cartwright and Knight back to the bench.

Sele gives a tougher edge to the bench, it looked light last week, will be interesting to see if WB rests anyone in the last round, especially if it means nothing position wise on the table


Strange naming Tatola at 18. Either he’s playing or he ain’t.

If the Knights and Sharks can lose this weekend it’ll give us a chance to rest players next week if we beat the Bulldogs which we should.

Knights won’t lose to the Dragons.

Well they mightn’t know yet, they might want to see how he progresses before they have to drop him off

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Agree but the Titans on the Gold Coast in the final round won’t be easy.


Jai Arrow can do us an early favour…Take Ponga’s head off! (Jk)

It only gets worse!

Referee: Ashley Klein
Sideline Officials: Chris Butler, Phil Henderson
Video Referee: Henry Perenara;

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If we are serious about this years finals we will beat the dogs convincingly without any help from the ref.


NRL has sacked the 2nd bunker official this weekend

The former player position seems to have gone. The bunker ref with the most negatives is Steve Clark and he is still there.

Welcome back.


Mad I can’t wait

Get your vocal chords ready like me if you’re heading out there this Thursday is all I can say. I’m still not over the shambolic display from Klein the other week when we played the Storm.

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